Radeon RX 600? Calm! Just the old low end RX 500

by Kelvin

AMD began quite quietly, selling 'new' graphics cards to OEM partners under the name of 'Radeon RX 600'. Interestingly it is the cheapest cards the company sells, with a maximum number of cores of 640 for the 'high end' RX 640.

To understand the age of these graphics cards, their architecture is based on the first generation GCN… Almost 5 years old!


Radeon RX 600? Calm! Just the old low end RX 500 1

So it's easy to conclude that AMD took the old low-end RX 500 and renamed it, basically refreshing its cheaper card range. In what confirms the serious problem of the company with these relaunches of the same product, under different names! Something that is deep down only and just to give the idea, we are talking about a new generation.

After all, in June 2016 AMD launched the RX 400 series based on the 28nm process. Later, in 2017, they again launched the same exact range under the name RX 500. And now in 2019, they again used the same strategy to launch the RX 600 range.

In short, these RX 600 are exactly the same as the RX 400 released in 2016.

Still, we must bear in mind that this is most likely a request from AMD's partners. They almost certainly want to sell products with new generation components. But one thing is for sure, they are very unattractive products that we won't even see on dedicated boards.

Hopefully, AMD will start working hard on low-end Navi graphics cards to 'kill' these low-end cards once and for all.

Besides, what do you think about all this? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.


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