Radeon RX for gamers, AMD announces the move to 7nm

by Kelvin

During its press conference, AMD mentioned several areas of its catalog, including its Radeon graphics card offer. Group CEO Lisa Su has approached the immediate future with the adoption of a new engraving finesse, 7nm. Although this important evolution was presented through the Radeon Instinct range, players are also concerned.

We are not in front of noises of corridors but well in front of an official confirmation on behalf of AMD. Its press conference enabled the company to be the first player to plan the adoption of this fine engraving. No wonder AMD talks about their professional Radeon Instinct line for this breakthrough. However, it will not limit itself to this unique offer.


Radeon RX, 7nm GPUs in 2019

Its democratization to other solutions is planned in particular with regard to the offer for players embodied by the Radoen RX. Lisa Su announced it, also specifying the schedule. If no exact date is known at the moment we are entitled to a period, 2019.

This Computex 2018 was therefore an opportunity to finally say some information about the developments in the gaming offer from AMD. 7nm GPUs will hit the market in 2019. Unfortunately, the information stops there. We have no data regarding this future offer.

We do not know if 7 nm will be deployed across all ranges or will initially concern only high-end solutions (Radeon RX Vega) and then become more widespread.

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