Raspberry Pi 4 arrives with 8GB of RAM for $75

by Kelvin
Raspberry Pi 4 arrives with 8GB of RAM for $75

A flagship version of the Raspberry Pi board was released this week. Complementing the line, which already has 2 GB and 4 GB RAM models, the announced Raspberry Pi 4 brings an unprecedented 8 GB of memory and costs US$ 75 (about R$ 400, in direct conversion), making it the more robust option available and that requires more investment from the market.

Composed of a single portable board, the launch includes an ARM CPU, assorted inputs, WiFi and Bluetooth connections. With it, it is even possible to run applications that demand higher performance. The equipment can also be used to run servers or as a PC.

The only differences between the novelty and the other options are the improved memory and the minor adjustments in the placement of components – besides, of course, the price, equivalent to the launch of the 4GB version, which is now cheaper.


According to the company, the equipment took longer than expected due to the need to design a specific LPDDR4 package for the device. The 2GB and 4GB versions of the Raspberry Pi 4 are priced at $35 ($187) and $55 ($294), respectively.

Finally, other news reveal the beginning of the development of the 64-bit version of Raspbian, the brand’s operating system, which still uses a 32-bit kernel responsible for converting the features and improving the use of the new RAM capacity.

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