Razer 5 Gear Peripherals Special Edition

Razer 5 Gear Peripherals Special Edition 1

The Razer brand has just released a special edition of Gears 5 peripherals, among which we find keyboards, mice, headphones and a mat. Keep knowing more about each of them.

This Razer 5 Peripheral Gearsis a designed for PC and Xbox One, including a Combined keyboard and mouse turret, Thesher Wireless Headphones for Xbox OnetHuntsman, the Mamba wireless mouse and Goliathus Extended Chroma mat.

Have exclusive design, exclusive colorcosmetics and products for the in-game experience is becoming more exclusive in multiplayer mode Gigi 5.

It should be noted that Razer Towerit is The first wireless device designed specifically for Xbox One, including mattresses. Addition included Extra DLC: Lancer Skin and Mark. If you see headphones, we don't need to connect them through a USB dongle, because, connect directly to the console.


This uses Windows Sonic get virtual environment sound, therefore, we will have audio position with wireless connection without that, we are late. In addition, they also have, because not less, a communication microphone, to talk to our teammates and make better strategies. DLC also has extras: Lancer Skin and Mark.

In a line designed for computerswe have Razer Huntsman Gears 5 Edition Keyboard, with which we will take the game to the next level, entering Razer Opto-Mechanical Switch. By calculating this, with unmatched speed and performance. We also have Extra DLC: Blood sprays and banners.

Razer 5 Gear Peripherals Special Edition 2

He Mamba 5 Edition Wireless Gear Mouse, will give us exceptional performance without cables, allowing multiple uses 50 hours, thanks to the long battery life. We can get extra DLC: Blood Spay and Banner.

Finally we have a mattress. Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma Gears 5 Edition. With that, it will allow us not only to use it for the mouse, but also to place the keyboard on top. All this thanks big size, Which makes it ideal to cover our entire table. For a good customization, we can change the lighting to the color that we like the most. Chroma RGB system. Also includes DLC extras: Blood Sprays and Banners.

Razer 5 Gear Peripherals Special Edition 3

From now on we can get this peripheral, on the occasion of the launch of the Gears 5 video game, both on the Razer website, and in an online store such as Amazon.

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