Razer makes iPhone 11 game cases

by Kelvin
Razer makes iPhone 11 game cases

Razer has announced a series of game-oriented protective cases for several of the latest iPhones, including the newly launched iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. According to the company, this case features a new thermal cooling technology called 'Arctech' that uses 'Thermaphene', a specially designed and customized heat dissipation coating that Razer says will significantly reduce operating temperatures to smartphones.

According to an official company press release, the Razer Arctech case features a combination of thermal conductive layers to effectively remove heat, allowing for better phone performance and better battery life. "They have been designed to allow seamless network connectivity, ensure a smooth gaming experience and video streaming, and work seamlessly with Qi certified wireless chargers."the company said.


Along with the latest iPhone, this case is also compatible with all iPhone X series phones of recent years. They are available in two versions: Arctech Slim and Arctech Pro, both with Thermaphene to improve cooling performance. Each case will be available in a Black, Quartz and Mercury color scheme. At the same time, Razer also released the Blue Light screen protector, which the company says is designed to protect users from eye strain by blocking blue light.

Arctech Slim case prices start at $ 29.99 in the US USA And € 34.99 in the European Union, while the Arctech Pro case costs $ 39.99 and € 44.99, respectively. Razer also offers the THS Arctech Pro edition, starting at $ 44.99 / € 49.99. The screen protector is priced at $ 39.99 USD / € 44.99. All products will be available for purchase from October 10. Amazon and Razer.com

Razer makes iPhone 11 game cases 1

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