Readdle launches PDF Expert 7 and includes a PRO subscription

by Kelvin
Readdle launches PDF Expert 7 and includes a PRO subscription

Our devices are an extension of our life. We use them to help us in our daily lives: at work, at the university, in our home … files and documents are essential to handle all kinds of information. In the App Store there are many applications to manage all of them but if there is one that stands out from the rest in terms of PDF documents it refers to PDF Expertde Readdle. A few days ago it was launched PDF Expert 7 With many new features including the launch of a PRO version with functions aimed at the professional field. After the jump we analyze the two modalities that the app currently has with this great update.


What's new in PDF Expert 7

The new minimalist design is the first thing you'll notice when you open PDF Expert 7. We've studied large amounts of comments and polished every detail to help the app be even brighter at work and at school. It allows you to concentrate on your work without distractions and is so intuitive that you will discover it at a glance.

Readdle has released a new update of its PDF Expert tool. The novelties are many, one of the first its new minimalist design, as you can read in the excerpt from the press release. In addition, the application runs with Metal, a programming interface of Apple, what makes it faster: "You will open a 1000-page scanned book in an instant!" On the other hand, we can configure the application to our liking by creating a set of tools that we use regularly. In this way we will create a unique space with which we will feel familiar, without so much giving up all the tools at our disposal all the time.

Other improvements such as the app integration with iOS Files, the addition of an advanced search and a new annotation summary tool. Beyond these functions, Readdle has decided to provide PDF Expert 7 with a ‘bunddle’ of PRO functions:

  • Convert documents to PDF
  • Custom interface
  • Compress files
  • Edit and add images and links

These PRO functions are acquired within the app once we have downloaded it. It is important to emphasize that if in PDF Expert 6 you bought the option to edit PDF and add links and images to your documents you don't need to buy the PRO functions, but the purchases of the previous version are restored. Of course, the rest of the functions will be banned.

Readdle PDF Expert 7 (AppStore Link)

Readdle PDF Expert 7

Readdle Inc.

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