Real Boxing, straight to the jaw

by Kelvin
Real Boxing, straight to the jaw 3

Real Boxing, straight to the jaw 4

Vivid Games presents a boxing simulator for iOS, developed with the UnrealEngine graphics engine.


Boxing is a type of game that we don't have many titles in the Store, so a new installment of this sport is always welcome for our iDevices. But if you also have such a magnificent finish, much better.
We are facing the most interesting game of this type that we can find in the catalog, no doubt thanks to a great job in each of its sections, both graphically and playability.

The first thing we can highlight about Real boxing It is his technical section, from the great entrance to the ring, with a great soundtrack behind, to the blur effect that we will see during the fighting. The design of the fighters brushes an excellent level, although the movements may be somewhat leisurely, taking some action away from the fighting.

The control of the boxers is perfectly adapted, being really easy to do with the various movements, as well as making counterattacks in a simple way.

I find, yes, that the difficulty of the fighting is not very well adjusted, because we go from very easy confrontations to others in which we will have to sweat beautifully to be able to stand.

The game modes are the usual ones, including fast combat, race, multiplayer and training.

The latter, very useful for raising the qualities of our fighter, is only available after several battles, which means that we cannot use it as we please.

The career mode should be somewhat more complete, since we only have three tournaments available, with direct confrontations and a final at 4.

Real Boxing, straight to the jaw 5

Although it allows us to customize our brave fighter, with enough visual parameters available.

Summarizing, Real boxing It is, quite possibly the best game within its genre, with the advantage of being adapted to iPhone 5 and being universal.

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