Real images of the Moto E6 Plus premiering notch

by Kelvin
Moto E6


Last July Motorola presented the new Moto E6, one of the most basic phones of the firm, and it seems it will have a superior model by its side within a short time. Because now several have been filtered Moto E6 Plus images They show their real appearance, all screen and with notch.

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The launch of the Moto E6 last month was quite unexpected, as it seems that it could also be the presentation of its most advanced model within the range, something that could be imminent.

Moto E6 Plus images with a completely new design

The Moto E6 as we say is one of Motorola's most basic mobiles, not only for its tight technical sheet, but also for a rather austere design that gives a very basic mobile feel. But it seems that will change completely in the case of this new Moto E6 Plus, which will have a more suitable design for what is expected today of a mid-range mobile pulling down.

Moto E6 Plus images

Because as you have shared in your account Twitter Roland Quandt, this new Moto E6 Plus has a large screen, which boasts of notch. In fact in the front we see a screen that has very thin and rounded edges on the sides and the top, while at the bottom it is somewhat thicker.

Moto E6 Plus images

On the other hand at the top we see the water drop shaped notch that without a doubt when it comes to having one of these elements on screen, is the most preferable of all. In the part rear reminds us a lot of design of the Moto One we have known so far, with the logo functioning as a fingerprint reader in the center of this back.

Moto E6 Plus images

And with a dual camera in this case arranged vertically. In some of the images you can see phone data, which on the one hand confirm that it is the Moto E6 Plus, and on the other hand it shows us that it has Android 9 as operating system.

Moto E6 Plus images

A series of photographs that leave no doubt when it comes to getting an idea of ​​what the Moto E6 Plus will be like, and which in turn with these images gives us some of what we can see in its technical file. Especially a larger screen, close to six inches, the dual camera, and possibly a Snapdragon 450 processor.

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