Real or a very cheeky fake?

by Kelvin

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The iPhone 11 having finally happened, hopefully the eyes are on everything that did not appear in the keynote from Apple: the new MacBook, a futuristic HomePod and an iPad Pro 2019.

We are finalizing the year and it is expected that these developments will be shown before the end, on October or November. But there are rumors about how these devices will be, and we have to start for the iPad Pro 2019.


An image of the future tablet has been leaked Apple, and there is not much to the imagination; If this leak that we are going to show you is real, we would be facing an iPad that directly inherits the cameras of the new iPhone 11. Although everything indicates that it is a fake

The iPad Pro 2019 leaks: reasonable but hardly possible

This filtration comes from Sonny Dickson, who ensures that this is a filtration of a physical model of the device already finished. Therefore we are not talking about a functional model, but what it seems to be will be the rear final of the iPad Pro 2019.

As usual in Apple We don't see especially big changes except the most obvious: the 3 camera module in the upper left corner. Yes, it is the same as the iPhone 11 Pro, which made the leap to the 3 cameras with these modules that have given much to talk about. This would be more than an aesthetic change: it would be A very big change.

Historically, the iPad, without having bad cameras, have been lagging behind the iPhone. In a way it makes sense; tablets are used less for photography and a setup of lower cameras has nothing wrong with the iPad. If this were real we would be talking of equal conditions between iPhone and iPad, that would see their photographic ability greatly improved.

Dickson mentions that the lack of protective glass in the 3-chamber module could mean that the module is subject to change or that this is a minor omission. Be that as it may, and taking this leak as real, Apple He would have focused his efforts on providing the iPad with the same cameras as the main claim.

iPad Pro 2018.

But There are problems. The first is that, unlike the iPhone, there have been no excessive rumors about the iPad Pro update. It is true that Bloomberg said the new iPad would have"Similar updates to iPhones, getting updated cameras and faster processors." But this is something that is not known.

In addition, there are several problems. The first is that so far Apple I had not made such an aggressive update on the cameras of the iPad Pro and also this photo raises doubts; It is still a photo that bases its only argument on the module of 3 cameras, which, a priori, seems somewhat false. Clearly this is a leak and you have to take it as such, but everything points to that we are facing the first fake iPad Pro 2019 … except surprise.

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