Reality show that will take winner into space makes a deal with NASA

by Kelvin
Reality show that will take winner into space makes a deal with NASA

The reality show Space Hero, which plans to send the winning entrant into space from a private space tourism trip, signed a collaboration document with NASA.

According to the website, the partnership is important, but it still does not necessarily mean that the US space agency authorizes the take-off or will help the organizers make the trip.

In fact, it is a mandatory protocol that guarantees the “initial facilitation of cooperation and information sharing” between the parties. Even after the reality show ends, the show must negotiate all terms with the company responsible for the mission. Finally, this company must join the NASA-accompanied launch queue, and the agreement does not guarantee any preference.


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The idea of ​​Space Hero is to choose within the program the crew of a private trip to the International Space Station, spending a total of ten days in space. The total cost of the project is US$ 55 million and the company responsible for the trip will be Axiom Space, which has already announced the crew of one of its private tourist trips and is expected to be one of the pioneers in the sector.

The idea is that the winners will be sent to space in 2023 and more seasons are in the planning, but there are no details on what the competition will be like.

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