REALLY! WhatsApp cloning epidemic affected 8.5 million Brazilians; know how to prevent

by Kelvin

Find out how criminals can clone a WhatsApp and how to prevent this scam that is becoming more common in Brazil.

The WhatsApp It is already part of the life of many Brazilians and nowadays it is used not only for leisure, but even as a communication tool at work and among family members. With this importance, the danger of having O Whatsapp cloned becomes even more worrying and in Brazil this has happened very often. The most common method involves accessing the user's authentication code, so you need to be aware and learn how to protect yourself from the scam.


WhatsApp Cloning

The most common method is to ask the victim for authentication codeThe most common method is to ask the victim for authentication code

Have the Whatsapp Cloning can bring a number of complications to the victim's life. In addition to having access to the app disrupted, the criminal can also use the information to get money from friends, family and even blackmail the victim. Unfortunately, this type of scam is becoming increasingly common in Brazil and according to the security company PSafe about 8.5 million Brazilians have been through this unpleasant situation. They had access to this data from a survey of 12,000 people.

In addition to the scams actually completed, the company also stated that the Dfndr Lab, which is a specialized digital security division responsible for the eponymous application, has already identified more than 134 thousand coup attempts at cloning accounts of Whatsapp only in the year 2019.

Most common attack method

Emilio Simoni, director of Dfndr Lab, also released some information on the methods most used by cybercriminals. The most common is to get access to authentication code which is required when you insert a chip into a new phone and install the app. Because this code is sent to the line owner, the cybercriminal does not have access to it. However, he can get in touch with the victim and looks for a way to trick the person into sharing this code.

Most of the time, they are messages pretending to be from the security team or even from themselves Whatsappconvincing the person to enter the code for preventive measures. When this happens and the victim provides the data, the Whatsapp is blocked on her phone and becomes active on the scammer's.

Another method known to them is called “YES Swap"(or “SIM exchange”). In it, the criminal can get a cell phone chip with the same number as the victim. To do so, he may mislead an attendant or even bribe, and he will have access to whatever is sent to that number, such as the authentication code.

How to tell if WhatsApp has been cloned

From the moment someone clones the number of a mobile phone, ie, gets a chip with the same number and registers the Whatsapp, it is possible to find out. This is because the messenger does not work on two devices at the same time.

The app itself will send a notification that the number is being used on another smartphone.

WhatsApp itself sends message that application has been clonedWhatsApp itself sends message that application has been cloned

Another way to find out if someone your Whatsapp has been blocked is to look at the latest conversations and what was sent, since someone may also be using the app on a computer for WhatsApp Web.

How to protect yourself

The first thing to keep in mind to protect yourself from these statistics is never share authentication code. It doesn't matter if the message says it's from Whatsapp or any other company. Regardless of the reason, you should never share this information.

Another way to stay safer in the Whatsapp is to enable the two-step authentication option. That way, even if someone has access to your authentication code by having a cell phone chip with the same number, you still won't have access to Whatsapp because you would also need to have access to this extra password. To enable two-step authentication, follow these steps:

  1. Go in "Settings" (the symbol with 3 dots on the upper right side);
  2. Select "Settings";
  3. Now go to “Account";
  4. Select the “Two Step Verification”;
  5. Go button “Enable”;
  6. Choose a secure 6-digit numeric password that you can always remember.
How to enable 2-step verificationHow to enable 2-step verification

To prevent anyone from having access to the app through WhatsApp Web, go in "Settings", in the option WhatsApp Web, and click “Leave all computers”. Another tip is enable SIM protection PINThis prevents anyone from being able to steal this chip and activate it on another device without that password.

One measure that can help prevent people with access to WhatsApp from gaining access to a victim's personal information is always delete these types of conversations. If you have submitted a credit card photo, data, or even personal privacy conversations, it is important to delete the history at the end, so it is a protection for anyone to have access to.

To do this, just go in the conversation, click on the three dots in the upper right corner, choose the option “More”And then click on“Clear conversation“.

You have already activated Verification and Two Steps yours Whatsapp? Leave in the comments which method you use to protect yourself.

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