Realme 7 Pro review: a balanced smartphone

by Kelvin
test realme 7 pro

realme continues on its merry way by focusing on a well-worn recipe: offering smartphones with unbeatable price-performance ratio. With the realme 7 Pro, it makes its fastest charging system in the world accessible. But the qualities of its new star smartphone are not limited to this criterion.

On paper, the realme 7 Pro seems very complete and meets all market standards. It needs at least that to be able to perform well in a busy segment, notably by Xiaomi and Samsung. Does this Realme 7 Pro succeed in forgetting these great manufacturers? Is the price-performance ratio still there? Answers in this test.

Realme 7 Pro price and release date

The realme 7 Pro will be available on October 13, 2020 at a price of 329 euros with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. It comes in two colors: and.


From October 13 to November 19, 2020, realme offers an ODR (refund offer) of 30 euros with its partner distributors (Amazon, FNac, Darty, LDLC, Rue du Commerce, Boulanger and Cdiscount). In addition, it will be marketed at 309 euros at Fnac from November 20 to 30, 2020.


No need to break the bank to afford an elegant smartphone. realme proves it once again with this particularly attractive realme 7 Pro.

Its two-color dress (explains the manufacturer) is a perfect illusion and gives it a resolutely upscale appearance. This choice of materials (matt appearance) allows you to remove fingerprints as a bonus.

Thanks to its acceptable dimensions (160.9 x 74.3 x 8.7 mm) and light weight (182 g), the handling is pleasant. Be careful, the rather slippery surface increases the risk of falls.

test realme 7 pro design

For the rest, realme knows its classics: USB-C, speaker and 3.5mm jack (yes, it’s still there!) Are united on the lower border. The power key (topped with a small gold border) is positioned on the left border, on the opposite side the volume keys keep company with the SIM card slot (which can accommodate 2 nano-SIM and a microSD card up to at 256 GB).

Finally, on the back, the photo module follows the codes of 2020: all the sensors are gathered in a black rectangle placed in the upper left corner.

realme also ensures that its smartphone is water resistant without displaying any waterproof certification. Not enough to weaken my enthusiasm: this realme 7 Pro is aesthetically very successful.


At the front, the realme 7 Pro is adorned with a beautiful 6.4-inch Full HD + Super AMOLED display punched. If its integration turns out to be rather neat (size / screen ratio of 90.8%), the designers could have made a little effort on the width of the chin. Let’s move on.

They make up for it with a good calibration of the panel. realme chooses quality (OLED) rather than fluidity (60 Hz only). Also, the screen of the 7 Pro is distinguished by its deep blacks, excellent contrasts and good colorimetry (adjustable in the settings).

test realme 7 pro screen

Also on the program, a TÜV Rheinland certification (eye protection) as well as a very responsive fingerprint reader housed under the glass of the screen. The only (real) downside: the vibration motor leaves an unpleasant feeling with each press, taking us back several years. A review that I already made in my previous tests of smartphones realme but which the builder does not seem ready to fix.

He makes up for it by associating a speaker duo delivering stereophonic sound very correct. Bluetooth 5.1, Dolby Atmos and Hi-Res compatibility ensure a high-end audio and multimedia experience for a smartphone of this range. His little flaws are all the more easily forgiven.

Performance and interface

Under the hood, the realme 7 Pro is much less shiny. If the 8 GB of LPDDR4x RAM and the 128 GB of UFS 2.1 storage are up to the competition, the choice of Snapdragon 720G processor (engraved in 8 nm) is more questionable. Not that it is not powerful enough for the most common uses, but rather because it already equipped the realme 6 Pro. So launching a new iteration without a performance boost, however minimal, goes badly.

realme 7 pro performance test

Nevertheless the realme 7 Pro responds quite easily to different requests and supports the most demanding applications quite well. 3D games also run smoothly (thanks to the Adreno 618 graphics chip) as long as you choose between fluidity and graphics quality.

test realme 7 pro benchmarks

Overall the experience remains very pleasant thanks, in particular, to the optimization of realme UI (based on Android 10). The software of realme, formerly very inspired by Color OS (Oppo) takes its independence and relies on an interface very similar to Android Stock. I might have liked a few little in-house features to round it off, but purists will appreciate.

Autonomy and recharging

If it has a smaller battery than its brother (4500 against 5000 mAh), the realme 7 Pro is nonetheless enduring. I easily passed the day of versatile use and even regularly reached a day and a half. The more connected users can therefore count on a big day, the more moderate ones will graze the two days. Not extraordinary, but very good all the same.

test realme 7 pro finishes

The real attraction of this realme 7 Pro is called , the manufacturer’s ultra-fast charging technology. Thanks to the 65 W charger supplied in the box, the smartphone fully recharges in about 30 minutes and up to 50% in just 10 minutes. A score that only Oppo – which is part of the same group – manages to match with a similar technology called.

test realme 7 pro recharge

The realme 7 Pro therefore recharges at the speed of light, a real feat for a smartphone at this price. The brand must therefore make sacrifices on other points. Wireless charging and reverse charging go by the wayside. Too bad but fully understandable.


User requirements for photography are growing, including in the segment of smartphones more affordable. To put the odds on its side, realme is betting on a quadruple sensor made up of:

  • a wide-angle lens 26 mm (f / 1.8); 64 Mpx Sony IMX682 sensor (1 / 1.73 ”; 0.8 µm photosite; PDAF
  • an ultra wide-angle lens 16 mm (f / 2.3); 119 ° field of view; 8 Mpx sensor
  • a macro lens with autofocus up to 4 cm (f.2.4); 2 Mpx sensor
  • a black and white lens (f / 2.4) for portraits; 2 Mpx sensor
realme 7 pro camera test

With this arsenal of sensors, realme is therefore focusing on versatility. Successful bet since the realme 7 Pro turns out to be pretty good in just about all areas. Far from equaling the best on the market, it does not demerit and can come up against its direct competitors.

The main 64 Mpx sensor (16 Mpx shots thanks to the) provides convincing results with very good sharpness, very good contrasts and a fairly realistic rendering. It obviously shows its limits in low light conditions with too much noise and too much grain, in particular by activating the night mode.

In the absence of a telephoto lens, you will have to settle for a digital zoom up to 5x. If in 2x zoom the shots remain correct, the 5x zoom loses too much detail for you to be able to use the final shots.

The ultra wide-angle, it gets away with the honors even if the distortion is quite brutal. Also note that realme does not manage to keep the same rendering as with the main sensor, so the contrasts are much more marked and the colors more saturated with the ultra wide angle.

The macro mode is particularly effective with an amazing level of detail. The speed of the trigger does not make the shooting tedious as with most competitors. For once, realme masters the exercise perfectly.

Finally, the portrait mode will not make you fall from your chair but remains correct for a smartphone of this range. The clipping is precise, the bokeh is decent, and the skin color is realistic. The essentials are therefore there.

Realme 7 Pro review: a balanced smartphone 11

On the front, the 32 Mpx (1 / 2.8 ”; 0.8 µm photosite) sensor with 24 mm lens (f / 2.5) allows you to shoot with a field of view of 85 °. Here again, the results are very satisfactory.

The realme 7 Pro can shoot up to 4K at 30fps and has a multitude of shooting modes leaving room for creativity. If the stabilization does not hold the comparison with the best on the market, it remains acceptable for a model of this range.

My opinion on the realme 7 Pro

As usual, realme makes an interesting copy in many ways. The realme 7 Pro shines with its neat design, quality finishes, a successful Super AMOLED screen, good battery life and an ultra-fast charging system never seen in this price segment. Add to that a very decent and versatile camera and you have one of the best value for money around.

Keep in mind, however, that performance remains average, that fast charging and waterproofing certification appear to absent subscribers and that the screen displays content in 60 Hz. Lacks that remain largely acceptable with regard to the price of the smartphone . Also, it would be hard for me not to recommend this realme 7 Pro.

realme 7 Pro


test realme 7 pro miniature

Autonomy and recharging

9.5 / 10

WE love

  • Attractive design
  • Quality screen
  • Good battery life and ultra-fast recharging
  • Versatile camera
  • Content price

We like less

  • Slightly fair performance
  • 60 Hz display only
  • Perfectible photo quality

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