Realme launches an equivalent of MagSafe but better

by Kelvin
Realme launches an equivalent of MagSafe but better

The rumor had been circulating for a while and today it’s official. Indeed, the Realme brand has just presented its new wireless and magnetic charging technology called MagDart. If this means anything to you, it’s normal since MagDart is very inspired by the MagSafe technology thatApple launched in 2020 at the same time as the iPhone 12.

However, Realme did not just take inspiration from MagSafe technology fromApple, he decided to come up with something better. Indeed, Realme ensures that its MagSafe technology can charge a device faster than MagSafe.

In addition to the presentation of this new technology, Realme also unveiled some accessories that will allow you to enjoy it. The most interesting product is the MagDart 50W charger. According to Realme, it is currently the fastest wireless and magnetic charger on the market, capable of charging a device with a 4,500 mAh battery to 100% in 54 minutes.


Thus, the user will be able to charge his smartphone via a magnetic wireless charger, but without compromising on the charging speed. This is possible thanks to a fan placed inside the charger which dissipates heat and optimizes performance. Realme thinks this accessory should be appreciated by gamers who will be able to benefit from fast charging, without the inconvenience of wired charging (without the USB-C cable which can get in the way).

But Realme also plans to launch a thinner and slower (fanless, therefore, less noisy) wireless and magnetic charger, which looks more like the MagSafe charger fromApple : a 15 W MagDart charger. But whether you use the 15 W charger or the 50 W charger, the charging speed will be faster than on an iPhone 12. Indeed, the MagDart 15 charger is able to charge a device with a battery. from 4,500 mAh to 100% in 90 minutes.


Realme has also published a table in which it highlights the advantages of its MagDart technology, compared to the MagSafe technology ofApple.


And that’s not all. Realme also presented a portable battery that can charge a smartphone via its wireless and magnetic charging. The accessory recalls the MagSafe battery recently launched by Apple.

But here too, Realme wanted to differentiate itself. Indeed, the company has designed a cradle on which the battery can be placed, in order to convert it into a wireless charging cradle when the user is at home or in the office.

Finally, the brand presented an accessory which attaches to the smartphone thanks to MagDart and which allows to have more light when taking photos, as well as a card holder.

At the moment, no details regarding prices and availability

But while this is all very interesting, at the moment Realme has yet to give details regarding the availability and prices of these products. Moreover, no device sold by the brand is yet compatible with MagDart, the demonstrations having been made with a concept phone called Realme Flash.

However, Realme has already announced that it will offer a shell for the Realme GT that will allow it to be compatible with MagDart. In addition, the company intends to open this technology to third-party accessory manufacturers.

In any case, when MagDart arrives on smartphones of the Chinese brand, it will certainly be a differentiator compared to other devices running Android. And besides, it wouldn’t be surprising to see other manufacturers follow suit with their own technology. Obviously, the ideal would be for a standard to be created for magnetic wireless charging.

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