Rear motion sensitivity options on Android Q Beta 6 did nothing …

by Kelvin
Rear motion sensitivity options on Android Q Beta 6 did nothing ...

Google decided to introduce a new version of gesture navigation in Android Q, which is a great idea. Pie navigation gesture 2 button design, let's face it, terrible. The new full-motion navigation system in Q has some good ideas, but the rear movements are a mess. Google's last attempt to improve it in Beta 6 will not be enough.

As we reported when it launched, Google added a sensitivity slider to the settings for gesture navigation. The idea is said to be that you can reduce sensitivity to facilitate movement in the app. Some wonder if the slider is broken because it doesn't seem to make the navigation slide drawer more accessible. Nevertheless do not work, and that could be more disturbing.


If you pull the sensitivity slider all the way down, it can still slide from the edge of the screen to trigger the action again. However, you can touch and draw close edge to access the navigation menu or use the slider in the app, basically makes spying easier to activate. Even knowing how this works, I only manage 50% of the time trying to open the Play Store navigation drawer. "Hitbox" because it skips the movement when grabbing border elements of the user interface in the app is so small that it is not useful, so maybe Google will try this function only help with sliders and other elements that get close to the edge.

The behavior of the exception API has been modified. You can order whatever you want, but the system will now only honor number X below (currently 200dp).

– Chris Banes (@chrisbanes) July 2, 2019

Google has announced a series of changes for developers that are expected to make edge movements easier to use along with back movements (above). I still see a long period of adjustment ahead.

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