Rearrange iPhone home screen applications with Anchor

by Kelvin
Rearrange iPhone home screen applications with Anchor 1

The Anchor tweak arrives in Cydia, to organize apps with spaces between them

If you are a maniac of the organization of the applications on the home screen of your iPhone, then you will know that you can not put the applications as you want, simply change their position or put them all inside a folder, however, With Anchor you will be able to put the icons of the main screen applications with spaces between them in iOS 8.

Rearrange iPhone home screen applications with Anchor 2

With Anchor you can change the appearance of each page of the iPhone home screen

The moment you have installed Anchor on your iPhone with Jailbreak, you can rearrange the icons on the main screen of your iPhone immediately. The name of this tweak comes from the simple fact that all app icons will be delimited by the X and Y axes, which will not necessarily have to be together, thus maintaining the spaces between each application icon installed on the device.


Through the configuration panel, in the Device Settings, we will be able to select the applications through which we want to activate or deactivate the anchor point, as we can see or reset the design of the Home screen to the format that comes by default. When restoring we will have the ability to eliminate the spaces we have left between each application icon on a given page without having to do it manually, with each application installed.

Anchor allows you to modify the home screen getting a very interesting and even more productive screen design when we want to use the iPhone with one hand, it is also the perfect companion for themes available for iPhone with jailbreak, widgets, wallpapers, providing a fresh look for our devices.

Download Anchor tweak for iPhone

If you are interested in this tweak, Anchor It is available through Cydia in the BigBoss repository for $ 1.99, approximately € 1.75. Remember that you need to have an internet connection to download this tweak and have a iPhone with Jailbreak, if you have not already done so you can follow our guide for Mac and Windows. This tweak is compatible with devices with iOS 8 or higher versions of the mobile operating system of Appleinstalled

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