Reasons to choose PhotoScape over Photoshop when editing photos

by Kelvin
выберите PhotoScape вместо Photoshop при редактировании фотографий

Without a doubt adobe, photo editing software is the most popular in this regard, as well as arguably the most comprehensive. You’ve probably all heard and even enjoyed the popular Photoshop more than once. It is a software solution that adapts both for novice users in this type of project and for more advanced ones. However, before choosing this program, there are several points to consider.

choose PhotoScape instead of Photoshop when editing photos

Despite the fact that it has simple functions, they are not always available to everyone, especially if we are not used to this type of project. In addition, which is very important, it must be borne in mind that here we mean a payment program. This is why, in many cases, before making a decision To use this application, we can consider many others, as is the case with PhotoScape.


To give you an idea of ​​everything we are talking about, below we talk about some important reasons why you might have chosen this app over Adobe

PhotoScape is free software

Probably one of the sections that gets our attention the most, how could it be otherwise when choosing this alternative, is that it’s free. This will save us a good amount of money, which never hurts, especially if we use it unprofessionally. photo editor … This means that we edit our own images privately and do not make any profit.

In these specific cases, it is much cheaper to use a free or very cheap solution instead of an offer like the aforementioned Photoshop.

We have regular and UWP versions

It should be borne in mind that in this case we find a program that we can download in the usual way from the network, we have already noted that it is free. But at the same time, we have a UWP version specially designed to work with Windows-based computers.

Developer: Mooii Tech

As you can imagine, we download it from the official store of the system so that it can be ideally integrated into it. So we can choose between one way or another depending on our needs, which obviously we cannot do with Adobe’s proposal. Of course there are pros UWP the version of the program we will have to pay for.

We have shortcuts for functions

Over the years, the software giant has tried to make Photoshop available to the majority, in part through its user interface. But it’s still so all-encompassing that it sometimes confuses the uninitiated. However, only after starting PhotoScape, we find ourselves in front of completely intuitive and an accessible interface for everyone. This is largely due to the fact that we find a series of shortcuts for the most common functions that we will need when editing photos.

interphase main photoshop photoshop

Thus, from the initial window that we find, we only need to click on the activity or type of project that we are going to launch.

PhotoScape has many advanced features

Keep in mind that in these lines we are talking about photo editing processes that many of you use on a daily basis. However, there are many other tasks associated with this type. project this will surely be very useful to you. In this case, we are talking about such useful functions as the direct creation of frescoes, print to order documents, batch rename files, screenshots, etc.

In addition, the whole thing also has a number of shortcuts that will make it much easier for us to use these functions.