Record fine against YouTube for violating children's privacy – 04/09/2019

by Kelvin
Record fine against YouTube for violating children's privacy - 04/09/2019

The tech giant Google must pay the payment of a record fine by accusations by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the New York attorney general that he obtained great benefits in YouTube to the illegally collect personal information from children without parental consent.

United States regulatory authorities they fined the video site YouTube with 170 million dollars, of which 136 million will go to the FTC and 34 million to the state of New York for violating the Children's Internet Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).


"YouTube promoted its popularity among children to potential corporate clients, "said FTC President Joe Simons, who voted in favor of the agreement, adding that he recalled the reluctance of" the company to recognize that parts of its platform were clearly aimed at children, "so" there is no excuse for violations of the law by YouTube ".

US law requires sites aimed at children disclose data practices and obtain parental consent to collect information on children under 13.

"Google and YouTube, knowingly and illegally, they monitored, tracked and posted ads aimed at young children just to keep advertising dollars rolling, "New York attorney general Letitia James said in a statement after the announcement.

"These companies they put children at risk and abuse their power, that is why we are imposing major reforms to their practices and making them pay one of the largest settlements for a privacy issue in the history of the United States, "he added.

In his defense, YouTube He said Wednesday that he is taking action on this: "From his early days, YouTube It has been a site for people over 13 years old, but with a boom in family content and the increase in shared devices, the probability that children will see without supervision has increased. "

To all this, from the Google video platform they assured that will stop posting personalized ads for children and that will also disable comments and notifications on those videos.

This 136 million fine is the largest amount that the FTC imposed in this area since the US Congress. enacted the law in 1998, although it is very small compared to the 5,000 million dollars it sanctioned Facebook this year for privacy violations.

Source: AP

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