Record the screen on your Samsung mobile and without a third-party app: easy with this trick

by Kelvin
Record the screen on your Samsung mobile and without a third-party app: easy with this trick


The new customization layer of Samsung, One UI based on Android 9 Pie, It has brought a good handful of functions, in addition to a redesign of its interface. Although initially it was exclusive to Galaxy S10 after its launch, is now available in much of Samsung's portfolio including older terminals such as the Galaxy S9, S9, or Note 9 and Note 8. It is also likely that the Galaxy S7 receive this update. Today we are going to see how to record the screen of our Samsung with One UI based on Android 9 Pie.


Unfortunately this function is not activated by default., so if you have finished in this post it is because indeed, you do not find it among the options of your Samsung mobile. The thing changes with the screenshot, since it is a very simple function that is done by a combination of buttons. We do not understand why recording the screen is not equally accessible, but in any case we will show you how it is done.

Using Game Launcher

To be able to record the screen with our Samsung, we can use Game Launcher, it is a pre-installed application that serves as a game library and optimizes various aspects of them. Among the options offered by this app is to record the screen, but only in the applications that we have selected. For it we will only have to add those to which we want to record the screen. Game Launcher will save us a video file with the recording of that app and the sound that has been emitted.

Samsung record screen

Steps to follow

First we will have to enter Game Launcher. We click on the contextual menu (the three dots) and we give "Add Application". Then we will have to add that app that we want to capture. Then we launch the application from which we want to obtain the screen recording. Now we will see a lower menu that symbolizes that the app is already compatible with Game Tools. Simply Touchez on the gear icon and click on "Record". At this time we can choose between recording the source audio or our own audio. Once the options are selected, click on record and voila, we have already started recording what is happening on the screen.

Samsung record screen

Where are they stored?

To stop recording we will only have to display the notification menu and click on “Stop recording.” All screen recordings are saved in the Samsung gallery, so we will have easy access to review them or share them with other applications or on social networks.

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