Recover lost data on iPhone? IMyfone D-Back test

by Kelvin
Recover lost data on iPhone? IMyfone D-Back test 1

iMyfone D-Back, the software to recover lost data on iPhone

Our smartphones or smartphones They are devices that sometimes, as with computers, usually give us some unwanted "surprises." One of the most common problems is the loss of data or information contained in our iPhone, accidentally. This type of situation can be very frustrating for many people since, more and more, we keep a lot of information on our mobile devices (Photos, Documents, Agenda, Notes, Apps Information, Videos, etc.).

Recover lost data on iPhone? IMyfone D-Back test 2

In the event that you have lost or erased your iPhone data, then perhaps you will be happy to know that you still have a resource that will allow you to recover lost phone information. The data recovery program for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, iMyfone D-Back, will help you get back all that valuable information that you had saved on the phone, especially if you are one of those who use it as a day work tool a day.


The app is equipped with four recovery modes and you can restore more than 20 types of files, including the ability to recover text messages from iPhone, contacts, photos, WhatsApp chat history, recover voice memos, etc. If you are one of those in this situation, you will surely want to know how it is possible to have all the lost information again.

How iMyfone D-Back works to recover iPhone data

The process to recover lost iPhone data is very simple, in a few simple steps we will achieve it. Next we tell you how:

Recover lost data on iPhone? IMyfone D-Back test 3Recover lost data on iPhone? IMyfone D-Back test 4

  1. Download the iMyfone D-Back application on your computer through the link you will find at the end of this article, on your computer.
  2. Install and open the program.
  3. Connect your iOS device to the computer.
  4. Select the lost files you are wishing to recover, such as SMS, photos, contacts, Whatsapp, etc.
  5. Next you have to click on «Next» or «Next«.
  6. Now we will have to choose the way in which we have lost the data (accidentally, by doing the jailbreak, restore, iPhone locked by access data, etc.).
  7. We click again on «Next» or «Next«.
  8. We will have to wait for the program to perform the search and recovery of lost data from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, from iTunes backup or from iCloud backup.

When the program is finished, in this you can see all the data clearly and now, simply, we will have to select a folder to store all this data on the computer. As simple as that.

It is important to keep in mind that the program may take more or less time to recover the device information, obviously this will depend on two factors: first the capacity of the device, which as we know currently there are up to 256 GB, and second, the amount of information we have stored on the device. Of course, one thing is closely related to the other.

Recover lost data on iPhone? IMyfone D-Back test 5Recover lost data on iPhone? IMyfone D-Back test 6


After trying this application we can say that it has a simple, clean and very intuitive interface. iMyfon D-Back is exceedingly easy to use and allows us to recover lost data efficiently, so it is highly recommended, especially for those users who can losing device information because of a badly made jailbreak or because the data was accidentally deleted.

Download iMyfone D-Back

If you want to purchase this software to recover lost data on your iOS device, you can do it directly from the link you will find below. There you will find, the free trial and the paid version, in addition, if you want to get it cheaper, do not miss the trick that we leave at the end of this article.

Download iMyfon D-Back for Mac

In addition, if you enter the developer's website you can get a $ 10 discount when you download iMyfone D-Back With a very simple trick, you will simply have to share the D-Back link with the social buttons that you will find within the same website through your favorite social network.

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