Recover your data as well as repair damaged images and videos with this program

by Kelvin
Recover your data as well as repair damaged images and videos with this program 1

One of the most unpleasant situations that can happen to you in the computer world is knowing that you have lost everything. The same goes for you: suddenly there is no file in your pen drive, or your camera's memory card is in trouble and left unformatted, erasing all photos along the way. If you still have that support waiting for power recover lost files, or if you prefer to be prepared for similar situations in the future, this program may interest you.

It's about a data recovery software that with the latest updates, it has not only been able to dive into the digital dump, but is now also reaching repair damaged files and your computer, PC, camera, Go Pro, drone or device will generally not open.


You can recover files that you think have been deleted from your computer, USB stick, camera and more

The dark world of restore the file it's a bit brighter with the program EaseUS Professional Data Recovery Wizard, is now in version 13.

This software is available for both Windows for March and it has a fairly simple interface, suitable for everyone to use. Once we open this program, we will have direct access to computer hard drive and to storage drive connected (pen drivers, external hard drives, cameras, etc.) that we can study. They also give us a chance check specific folders (with recycling bins and desktops as default).

Once you select your desired location, Easeus will start researching unity and because it finds the file, it will show it to you. First you will do quick analysis and then he will come back stronger; which will vary depending on the capacity of the device (in our test, with a 16GB pen drive it's 3 minutes or less, not bad).

Supports large file types and is compatible with many devices

restoring easyus files

When you're done, you've set up folders and files that you can save. You'll just stay select the one that interests you and click "Restore" to bring them back to life.

Plus, if for any reason you can't waste any more time and next time you want to save a scan, the program can save a verb to load it later.

Moreover, it supports various formats: from common image files like JPG, PNG and RAW to own office files (docx, pdf…), video (mp4, mov…), storage (rar, zip) and more. File type will not be a problem.

Finally, keep in mind that the software is paid for, but it allows you to try it out for free so you can tell if the software can recover your file.

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