Redman is Note When 8 Will Be Introduced

by Kelvin
Redman is Note When 8 Will Be Introduced

Redmi, a sub-brand of Xiaomi, announced when to introduce the new smartphone model. Long-awaited Redmi Note About 8 leaks started to come.

Redman is Note Xiaomi, Redmi with 7 series Note He wants to break the record with 8 series. The date that Redmi will introduce new smartphone models was announced by a poster published on Weibo, China's social media platform.

Redman is Note 8 The series will be introduced at the launch on August 29 in China. In addition, the launch of Redmi's new 70-inch smart television model will also introduce information.


Redman is Note 8 can have a brand new camera sensor. You remember that Redman is, Weibo 64 Megapixel resolution.

Xiaomi President following shared photo Lu Weibing de Weibo published a screenshot through. According to leaks, Redmi Note The 8 will feature a 64-megapixel camera sensor. Lu Weibing Redmi Note 8 will offer improved camera and efficient battery performance.

There are also rumors about smart television, another product that is expected to be introduced at the launch. The new 70-inch smart TV is said to have 4K resolution. The television will also come with the operating system called PatchWall OS.

Redman is Note 8 and that's about the leaks from about 70 inch smart TV for now. We will notify you if there are new leaks about the devices.