Redmi 8 review: the whole core of cheap smartphones


Redmi 8

In the last few weeks we have had the opportunity to meet a variety of middle class mobile phones, but also some important ones in the cell phone line. In fact, in our reviews, we often underline how, within a certain price range, it is important to expect something Performance. Therefore, the same applies to all smartphones included in the device category. low cost. This is because more and more users are looking for significant performance, there is no need to use your device in a way that is too stressful. Here then here Redmi 8 You can find your own dimensions in this category of people. How do you behave during the trial period? Can he really fulfill our request? Discover better here full review!


Redmi 8 review


This is not a sales package other than what we can find in the market. On the front, in fact, it presents several images of devices, without showing specific specifications. Inside we find:

  • Redmi 8;
  • short instruction manuals, also in Italian;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable;
  • wall power supply, with European plugs;
  • soft and transparent TPU cover;
  • pin to remove the SIM slot.

Design and material

Looking first at the outer shell, it becomes clear how the entire structure is made plastic. Although still a good workforce, it appears to have fully integrated with the overall side profile. There is no sense of discontinuity, therefore the print is in front of the rear monocoque. However, in my opinion, it is only the treatment that is applied to all these structures that gives a feeling of continuity, but in reality it does not exist. However, beyond this aspect, we are talking about devices that are quite practical. 156) 4 x 75.4 x 94mmindicates weight 188 grams. So this is a phone that is not difficult to use even with one hand and in fact it is not as slippery as people might think.

In the sales package, in any case, you will find it The cover Soft TPU that, along the corners, has a slightly reinforced surface. When the rear profile gets dirty beyond a certain threshold, a smartphone can definitely be more slippery. However, on the right side there is a button ON / OFF and volume rocker. On the opposite profile, on the other hand, there is a SIM slot, which can hold simultaneously two nano Nano SIM and one micro SD. Up, then, we have second microphone for the suppression of ambient noise, while the hole is below mini jack for headphones main microphoneentry USB Type-C and see speaker system.

Looking at the back profile, we see how Redmi 8 presents one LED flashaccompanied by two photographic sensors and by a fingerprint reader located a little lower, always along the central axis. There is also a company logo. This coloration is also one of the three available when launching the device. That's called Ruby red, while the rest are Sapphire Blue and Onyx Black.


To Redmi 8 there is an LCD screen Social studies of the 622 inches diagonal with resolution HD + (1520 x 720 pixels), density 270 PPI and the NTSC ratio 70.8% Therefore, this is a unit that has not completely satisfied us. We will not expect a better quality of the proposal. From the point of view of color, in fact, this panel can return the color Clear enough, but not very true to reality. Because of this, there is a slight trend in smartphones, white people tend to gray too easily, while black people are really shallow. However, everything in the norm, consider the price range used by this device.

Redmi 8

Nothing oleophobic treatment Note that in direct sunlight, it is quite difficult to see all the content on the screen. Still, censorship brightness it behaves quite well, but maintains a profile that is always too conservative. If you don't pay attention then the above is there notch dropscontains selfie camera of the 8 megapixel. However, in general, the frame is not so contained, so much so that the company has decided to print its logo on the lower chin.

Redmi 8

When using this device during the working day, we found several problems with touch screen, which does not always prove to be so receptive. We contend, however, that this problem is caused by limitations imposed by hardware, which in all operations shows response time Longer than usual. Therefore, we believe that we are not punishing this panel too much, although too many symbols are sometimes lost during the writing phase.

Hardware and performance

At the top of this smartphone is Qualcomm SoC Snapdragon 439, then the chipset with configuration 4x 1.95 GHz Cortex-A53 + 4x 1.45 GHz Cortex-A53. To accompany this processor, we find GPU Adreno 505 with a frequency of 650 MHz. There are two commercial versions of this smartphone. One of them is a gift 3GB RAM and 32 GB of internal memorywhile others go up to 4 GB of RAM LPDDR3 e 64GB of the eMMC 5.1 memory. The latest variant, therefore, is exactly the one we had in the test, so we can take advantage of the best experience on this smartphone.

Analyze achievement therefore, we can say that we do not have too many problems in our daily use. Even if it's a smartphone low costYou can navigate through all menus at the same speed, as well as in individual applications. However, you must deal with wait times that are slightly longer than usual. RAM, therefore, does not store many applications in memory. The system actually cleans this memory fairly quickly and systematically, all to the benefit of increased energy savings. It goes without saying, therefore, that this device is not suitable for those who overemphasize their smartphone. In fact, it will take a slightly frenetic and much more relaxed approach to use this device.

From the point of view of playing a game, you can't expect to get good performance with every title on the Play Store. By forcing the system with Call of duty mobileFor example, it is not possible to compete with all other users at the same level, facing a low frame rate and too late.

reference point

the software

We will not discuss too much about the software installed on Redmi 8 this, because with the smartphones of other brands we have had the opportunity to make an overview of this system. On the ship, however, we found MIUI (PCNEUXM) stable based on Android 9 Pastel and with security patch which dates back to November 1, 2019.

Therefore, we present you with a very complete software that presents high-level adjustments. Scroll through the menu the configuration There are several options that have made this device historic. Among many, in fact, we have possibilities clone some apps and do second room in the same system There are also security applications, which are used to monitor smartphones, as well as a series of exclusive applications that immediately provide everything the user needs. For a while, then, it works Digital health, which allows you to track the use of your smartphone, you can consciously manage the hours you spend in front of the device.

With one swipe right, starting from home, you can access a series shortcuts which, if necessary, can be very beneficial. In addition to various links, we also have several sophisticated toolthan note that the calendar and many other options We also remind you that attitude with the screen off, and that allows you to navigate through the interface without the help of the bottom bar. In fact, with the full-screen control, the same experience was returned that other Redmi users can enjoy, who could have bought a high-end smartphone.

the camera

In this product there is a double rear room, marked by the presence of the main sensor Sony IMX363 of the 12 megapixel, with f / 1.8 aperture and secondary lenses of 2 megapixel for him depth of field calculation. In the front profile, we have one selfie camera of the 8 megapixel, with f / 2.0 aperture. Of course, all functions are support related.artificial intelligence, which can recognize 33 different scenes, calibrating the light and color of the image accordingly.

at daytime hours The quality revealed by this smartphone is not extraordinary. In fact, there is very real photographic noise, which tends to damage the entire image. Many times, then, all parts are more illuminated by the light naturally completely burned, unable to handle this component even with HDR is automatically activated. By using the latter manually, you can see how the image brightens even more, without balancing the overall lighting. From a color perspective, the photography sector is from Redmi 8 this tends to offer the color Very warm and not very real. But we are in the presence of a phone that can satisfy the least demanding users, also taking into account the price range under consideration.

As long as curfew The same problem we talked about earlier arises on its own. All sources artificial light they burn, substantially damaging the entire representation of the image. Clear it photographic noise It turns out to be more marked, that's why many details are lost. These problems also affect the color rendering of the images you present. the color off and not very close to reality. However, I have never experienced autofocus problems, even in the darkest areas. Unfortunately, it has not been included at the software level in this device night modeWho can say it?

With selfie camera It is possible to produce images that are not entirely suitable. Even removing the beauty filter, in fact, our skin looks smooth. However, care must be taken not to move too much during shooting, otherwise the image will be affected stability. This is especially true at night, where the quality drops dramatically and the low resolution of this sensor shows all the critical issues. Take advantage ofbokeh effectHowever, it is possible to get good results, even if it is too artificial.

However, there will also be a way proThanks to that, you can manage various camera parameters, such as white balance, focus, shutter speed, and ISO.

the video

With redmi 8 we will have the opportunity to record video 720p at 30 fps or login 1080p at 30 fps. Therefore, there are no other important arrangements. In this case, therefore, the image is not very stable but luckily they enjoyed it autofocus (PDAF) levels are good and quite liquid. However, on a qualitative level, there is clearly no change compared to what we have said before.

If you want to maximize industry performance, you can also take advantage of this mode Lapse of time.


On the board of this Redmi brand device there are a number of important modules, but unfortunately many other modules are also missing. In its characteristics, we can calculate existence. Bluetooth 4.2. Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n with 2.4 GHz frequency support, GPS / A-GPS / GLONASS / Beidousupport for dual sim 4g, with the possibility of using microSD, the technology simultaneously VoLTE.

I have to say that with Wifi From this smartphone I don't feel bad at all, even though its range is quite limited. In the most difficult corners of the house, where different devices generally struggle to connect, this product has shown some difficulties. Still, outside I've never had a problem with 4G Fastweb manages navigation at maximum speed in almost all parts of the city where it is generally possible to receive this signal. Even sailing GPS then, beyond the slight delay in the satellite connection, I did not find a big problem, I always managed to exploit Google Maps rather smoothly.


The system is unlocked

In this smartphone we find two main unlocking systems: biometric sensor and facial recognition. Looking at the first of these two, we notice how these components are added to the rear profile, just below the two cameras. Although the size of the product is not excessive, it is quite easy to get to this point. Still, this reader is not very fast, it still shows good accuracy and unlocks the device 8 out of 10 times

With facial lockonly in 2D, You will have recognized certainty only during the day. In fact, when the lights go out, the selfie camera can no longer detect our faces correctly, forcing us to use biometric sensors. Therefore, I recommend disabling this launch system, as it also has a lower level of security than a fingerprint reader.


We are not in the presence of a device with stereo sound. Only that bottom speakerin fact, it is responsible for this function, releasing all its power. Therefore, at maximum volume, the casing is not broken and this is already a very good result for this type of product. However, it must be admitted that the quality is quite low since I am low They do not exist at all. This lays the foundation for low-body sounds that inevitably support high frequencies. With some coupons handsetHowever, you will be able to enjoy better audio, although the quality is not extraordinary from this point of view as well.

When using a smartphone in call instead, I must say that I have not felt the problem, organizing the conversation in a fairly easy way. I did not actually detect a sudden interruption or disconnection, and found a fairly clean and clear audio. Even in the busiest areas, therefore, it is possible to hear the other person speak clearly, without major problems.


By looking at the specifications of this device, we look at how well the battery unit is doing 5,000 mAh. Therefore, a component that can offer a record autonomy in this price range. Looking at the charts collected over the past few days, it is clear that in one day the stress has been overcome without problems 7 hours and 30 minutes active display, based on estimates 17 hours of continuous use. At this point, therefore, I still have a good one. 40% residual cost to spend the next day With a variety of uses for Wi-Fi and 4G, a few hours on social media (especially Instagram for content publishing), four emails are constantly updated, some videos are active YouTube and my various messaging apps add up these numbers.

Regarding charging time, it must be determined that the power supply in the package offers output of 5V / 2A, You can pass from 10 to 100% at around 2 an hour (with active devices but without interaction with them).

Price and conclusions

Beyond the list price maybe Redmi 8here Italy A number of telephone operators have proposed a € 169.90. The figure that, in my opinion, is still too high for what is really offered. In such a way that, after a brief web tour, I can see how this smartphone is also sold less than 150 euros. We, in this case, at a level more in line with the product.

Redmi 8 works well in almost every part, while they are not superior in any sector. So if you are looking for a device without too much pretense, that manages to perform all the main functions of the day in a quite smooth and fast way, this smartphone may be suitable for you.

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