Redmi K20 Pro is the 2nd chosen to receive Android 10

by Kelvin

Today it has been confirmed from the same Xiaomi that the Redmi K20 Pro will be the second terminal to obtain the beta of Android 10.

A few days ago we reported that the Chinese Mi 9 would be receiving Android 10 shortly.


The Redmi K20 Pro, the last flagship from Xiaomi / Redmi

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Recently presented in its global version as Mi 9T Pro and which we have already talked about and until recommended.

This Redmi K20 Pro will be the second terminal selected to receive Android 10 beta.

The beta open is already being released

This Redmi K20 Pro as reported by official sources is already receiving this version of MIUI with Android 10 in beta open

Specifically the terminals of China They are already receiving this beta open

But in addition, the terminals of India are open to registration to apply as beta tester from this moment.

For this, those who want to apply have time to register until next September 8 in the following official website.

We are not talking about MIUI 11, this beta will be based on MIUI 10

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It is clear that if you have a terminal with the ROM China keep in mind that Xiaomi has confirmed that this version beta Android 10 is based on MIUI 10.

Therefore no sign of MIUI 11, at least for the moment it is clear.

Although in the event from September 5 You could learn more about this new version of the Xiaomi layer.

Xiaomi / Redmi will reward you if you access as beta tester

When accessing as tester this beta the asian firm They will reward you with the following benefits:

  • Priority access to the OTA of the final version.
  • Access to the special group «Android 10 tester«.
  • Exclusive medal
  • Opportunity to attend exclusive events.

It will be your turn to wait for the Mi 9T Pro, but rest assured it will be your turn

We have no doubt that Xiaomi will update its Mi 9T Pro and very surely its Mi 9T.

We do not have a specific date when this update will arrive as beta to terminals launched globally, But we don't think they take too long.

Finally, as is evident here in Club Tech we will be informing about the release dates for the Mi 9T Pro to be confirmed by Xiaomi.

By last, Do you really think that there will be important changes from MIUI 10 under Android Pie to Android 10 with MIUI 10?

Leave us your comment below that we will read it carefully.


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