Redmi K20 Pro (Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro): video reveals the inside of the smartphone

by Kelvin
Redmi K20 Pro (Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro): video reveals the inside of the smartphone

The Redmi K20 Pro (Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro) in Europe has passed the usual teardown (unmount) from youtuber JerryRigEverything. This is one of the best quality-price devices of the year, and its interior confirms the quality.

After passing the endurance test, the Redmi K20 Pro has in its pop-up camera its most interesting component. In this video you can see how the mechanism works on Xiaomi's smartphone.

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There are rubber seals in all openings

Although we are talking about a device without any certification or water resistance, Xiaomi has worked to that end. In any opening you can find the protective rubber seals.

This way, even unofficially, we know that the K20 Pro can survive a potential bad encounter with liquids. However, without being safeguarded in terms of warranty, it is best not to risk it.

What the Redmi K20 Pro shows is that smartphones β€œCheap” owes very little to others that cost twice the price. Without compromise on performance, the construction also ends up not disappointing in this disassembly.

At the end of the test, this is a clearly advisable device. Even with a pop-up camera that can bring some problems, all of its overall quality is safe.

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