Redmi Note 8: sales are said to have exceeded 30 million units

by Kelvin

Xiaomi keeps talking about its smartphones Redmi Note. A few days ago, the Chinese manufacturer presented the new models of its Redmi series Note 9. And during this event broadcast online, he indicated that the Redmi Note 8 and the Redmi Note 8 Pro were among the 10 best-selling models in the last quarter of 2019.

Xiaomi also reportedly announced today that the Redmi series Note 8, unveiled in 2019, has passed the 30 million mark sold. According to the Android Central website, the news was announced by Lu Weibing, general manager of Redmi, in a post on the Chinese social network Weibo.

Xiaomi would have sold a million units in the month following the release of the Redmi Note 8. Then, the 5 million units would have been crossed in the second month. And the 20 million units sold would have been crossed after 5 months.


The Redmi Note : the most important range of Xiaomi?

The smartphones Xiaomi’s Redmi have always been bestsellers. For example, in a previous article, we mentioned a study where the Redmi Note 7 would be part of smartphones the most sold throughout the year 2019.

Nevertheless, it is possible that sales of the Redmi brand in 2020, with the Remdi Note 9, the Redmi Note 9 Pro and the Redmi Note 9S is not as good as sales of previous models. Indeed, although the smartphones Redmi Note presented by Xiaomi this year are very good devices, the COVID-19 crisis affects the market for smartphones.

According to an IDC report, the shipments of smartphones worldwide in the first fell by 11.7% compared to shipments in the first quarter of 2019. And if Xiaomi was more or less spared from the crisis during this quarter, because India, one of its main markets , was not yet confined, the Chinese brand could have difficulties this second quarter.

We will also note that this year, Apple offers a new iPhone SE. Although it is an affordable smartphone, compared to the iPhone 11, it is equipped with the same A13 Bionic chip as the models released in September 2019. And the Cupertino company hopes that this model will convince Android users to switch to iOS.