Refuel cheap with map and comfort

by Kelvin
Refuel cheap with map and comfort

The prices for fuel are idiosyncratic. Every driver should have caught the thought: "Crap, I would not have just fueled. Here is the fuel 8 cents cheaper. "Literature prices vary not only" from tank to tank ", but also depending on the season, time of day, day of the week, holidays and world political situation. Since keeping track is not only difficult, but also … unnecessary. After all, there are apps that do it for you. One of them is the brand-new refurbished TankenApp.

Cheap refueling with the TankenApp: Easy entry

The start is very simple: First, you determine which type of fuel you prefer – not only diesel, super and E10 are supported, since recently are also Super Plus, diesel plus, truck diesel, biodiesel, LPG and natural gas here. Next, set the radius in which to search. Rule of thumb: Anyone who does not live in the city and regularly refuels on the way, prefers to take a larger radius of, for example, 10 km; for city dwellers, 3 to 5 km are recommended. In addition, the maximum age of the price reported by the gas station must be chosen. Since these fluctuate frequently and violently, only the lowest setting "6 hours" makes sense.

Refuel cheap with map and comfort 1
Refuel cheap with map and comfort 2

That was it already. If you call now the app, you get an overview of the cheapest gas stations in the vicinity with current prices displayed. This is not the generally best price displayed, the journey is also included. So if you pay a penny "around the corner" for a penny more than the best price, but saves four kilometers of city traffic, this is the more recommendable, because nerve and environmentally friendly variant.

Refuel cheap with map and comfort 3
Refuel cheap with map and comfort 4

Touchez on the displayed map to get a better overview of where the individual gas stations are located and can also quickly start the navigation. The card is currently somewhat "compressed" and due to the numerous price tags relatively confusing, if you do not maximize.

If you still want to see the best prices regardless of the location, you can do that too: Simply from the "Best Deal" section in "Price" (best prices within the set radius) or "Distance" (prices sorted according to the nearest gas stations) switch.

Refuel cheap with map and comfort 5
Refuel cheap with map and comfort 6

That's not all: in the start screen, a general price tendency is also indicated. So if you check the prices at noon, the app may recommend, but rather Touchez into the evening, because the prices are cheaper at this time. You can also create favorite locations and routes. For example, at the remote workstation you can also see how the fuel prices on the way or near the home base are straight.

The app is still working despite the relaunch a few weeks ago. In the near future further practical features will find their way into the app. So you can set the size of the tank, you get a fuel diary, in the kilometer reading and tank volume and the consumption is logged and one should be informed of particularly favorable prices by push message.

Conclusion from GIGA to TankenApp

The relaunch of the TankenApp was a bit unsuccessful, because some core functions were missing, but there was quite criticism in the app stores. Meanwhile, the TankenApp is on a good footing – not least thanks to the feedback from the community. And: The developers maintain the offer with further regular updates – that upcoming functional enhancements are communicated transparently, is unfortunately not gait, but here the case and therefore absolutely positive. Functionally, I like the app well, even if in terms of overview, especially on the integrated map, can still be optimized. If you enjoy tweaking your tank expenses, you can access them without hesitation.

Download the Fueling App for Android

Refueling app with gasoline price trend


Price: Free

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Refueling app with gasoline price trend

Notes on our own behalf: The TankenApp is a product of Ströer Media Brands GmbH, which also includes GIGA.DE. Nevertheless, the reporting takes place editorially independently. We tested version 2.1.0 on a OnePlus 7 Pro.

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