ReiBoot: how to fix iOS system and iPhone errors

by Kelvin
Reiboot: como reparar o sistema ios e erros do iphone

You can repair your iPhone with ReiBoot very easily and quickly. The app even does factory reset, check it out!

O iPhone, just like any other smartphone these days, is prone to experience some errors or crash during some operations. Thinking about solving the problem of those who go through this, today we will talk about the application kingboot, which helps to repair the iOS system and can be installed on computers with Windows 7 onwards or MacOS 10.8 onwards. See how easy it is to carry out a practical repair on your iPhone!

O kingboot offers functions like Repair iOS System, Enter Recovery Mode and Exit Recovery Mode, let’s talk a little about each one, how to use the resources and what they are for. First of all, go to the ReiBoot website to download the application to your computer and follow the guidelines below.


Repair iOS System

The main function of the kingboot is just repairing the iOS system. With this you can solve several possible errors or crashes that your device may be going through. Check out how we can use the kingboot to repair the iPhone:

  • After downloading the app ReiBoot on computer, open it and click on the “Install“;
  • Once you have finished installing, click on the “To start“;
  • After that, you’ll notice that the app will ask you to connect to your iPhone, so do it via Lightning cable;
  • After connecting the iPhone on the PC, the kingboot will identify which device it is, whose it is, and its status — connected or not. After that, click on the green button “To start“;
  • At this point you will be faced with a screen asking you to choose which type of repair you would like to do. O “Standard repair” is the most recommended, as it identifies more than 150 possible problems in the device and solves them. However, if the Standard Repair does not solve any problem, it is suggested to use the “Deep repair“. Remembering that when performing this type of operation, you are liable to lose all data on your device! In this case, let’s choose Standard Repair and click on the blue button below;
  • Now the application will look for which firmware should be installed, then it will identify, leave it ready and you can choose the location from which it will be downloaded. When everything is ready, click on “Download“;
  • The next screen will show the availability of the current firmware and which model of iPhone that is connected. After that click on “Start Standard Repair” to continue. The application also reiterates that, if you are using any type of notebook, confirm that it is connected to power or fully charged, to avoid possible shutdowns and interruption of the process;
  • Now ReiBoot will ask you to unlock the iPhone that is connected to your computer and if the message “Trust This Computer?“, you choose the option “Trust“;
  • By performing this part, the kingboot will begin its work of repairing the iOS system on iPhone connected. do not use your iPhone while it is in the repair process (either of the two Repairs);
  • With us the complete process took about 25 minutes. After that a message will appear confirming that the procedure Standard repair was completed and now just wait for the iPhone reboot yourself to be able to use it again. At this point your device will be restored and ready to be used without errors.

iPhone Recovery Mode

O Recovery Mode is known as a time when the iPhone is in error and cannot start normally. Like kingboot you can go into Recovery Mode if necessary, or even Exit Recovery Mode if it’s giving you a headache. Check how:

  • By connecting the iPhone to the computer and accessing the home page of kingboot, click on the left button “Entering Recovery Mode“. As soon as you click, immediately the iPhone will enter this mode;
  • This is the screen that should appear after the conclusion Recovery Mode;
  • If you were already in Recovery Mode, getting out is just as easy. Just connect the iPhone on the computer and click on the button, which is on the home page, on the right: “Exiting Recovery Mode“;
  • And as soon as the process ends, the kingboot will signal to you. Your iPhone will return to normal immediately.

By clicking on “Share”, a tab for the Facebook, and whoever wants to, can share the application’s website suggesting its use. It’s not mandatory.

Reset iPhone to Factory Settings

Another function of kingboot is to reset the device of the zero, making like he was new. This type of procedure is generally recommended for those who want to sell the device and need to erase all the data from the device, or even for those who suffer from a very full memory and don’t know what to delete. Check out how to reset the iPhone:

  • On the ReiBoot homepage, click on the option below, at the bottom of the page, which says “Reset Device“;
  • At this point you will be faced with two options: “Factory Reset“, which resets everything from scratch, erasing all the data and settings previously made. It is also recommended for those who eventually forgot the password or the device ends up crashing too often and etc;
  • In the option on the right, “General Reset“, the app is only able to restore all the iPhone’s default settings. This can solve, for example, network problems that don’t work well.

On the same computer you can still connect more than one device to carry out repairs or any other procedure available in the application. In our test, up to five devices were allowed access on the same computer. You can also check out more details, including videos illustrating how to use ReiBoot through the Tenorshare website.

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