Releases on the Playstation 4 for August 2019

by Kelvin
Releases on the Playstation 4 for August 2019

August started at full speed with good games that have what it takes to stand out on the PS4.

Choosing the best 5 from the list has not been an easy task but we have based on the graphics that show the trailers, the expectation of users and the history to present these deliveries.



This game developed by Remedy Entertainment and produced with the help of 505 Games, is one of the most anticipated titles of the month for both PS4 and Xbox One and PC. And it is not for less, since its interesting history will catch you right away, or that is the idea. The game features Jesse Fade, the recent chief director of the Federal Office of Control, a secret agency located in New York that is responsible for studying paranormal things, allowing the possibility that evils from another dimension invade the agency and destroy all its employees.

Jesse's main objective is to prevent this evil from leaving its respective dimension and reaching Earth, although there could be some problems, causing this to finally happen, or maybe not, who knows. Thanks to its official video we know that it looks very good to be a video game with good plot, adventures, shootings and much more from August 27.

Man of Medan

This adventure-horror video game also has merits to stand out among the other competitors. If you like horror games and interactive drama, this game created by the developers of Until Dawn will be an angel fallen from the sky for you. Developed by Supermassive Games and produced by the great Bandai Namco, Man of Medan is the first game in a new horror saga called: Dark Pictures Anthology. This saga intends to have several games in each and every one of them related to each other, but each one having its own idea so to speak.

As for its history, we run into the summer vacations of four young Americans. These, by mistake, go on the ship that transports them (the Duke of Milan) directly to a storm. Thanks to an unfortunate encounter with kidnappers, their lives begin to take a serious risk having to board the Ourang Medan, a Dutch ship that sank mysteriously in 1947. Terrifying stories to discover, life or death decisions to be made and more since August 30, 2019.


Third comes a wild racing and driving game for car lovers and destructive racing. Wreckfest has two disciplines: track races and destruction derbies, where up to 24 players can play. Basically, you will have to try to arrive first in career mode, and survive as much as possible in Derby mode, in addition to destroying as many cars as possible.

In the maps and tracks section, we have several scenarios available, both ground circuits like asphalt, where you can find a closed curve almost impossible to overcome the first or, an open space to crash your rivals to reach the goal before them. The launch of the game for the PS4 and Xbox One is scheduled for the 27th of this month.

Decay of Logos

Game that mixes RPG and adventure scenarios in one place. In Decay of Logos you can fight against giant monsters, walk through the high places and mountains, customize your weapons and armor, discover secret locations and hidden treasures, among other things, so you have lots of activities and challenges.

In the main story we met a girl who meets a moose after the King's children destroyed the town where he lived. To avenge his people and his people, the girl will not stop until she finishes the King and his children. The video game has a similarity to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and you can play it from the 27th of this month, when it goes on sale for the PS4.

Remnant: From The Ashes

Finally, we show a third-person survival game, we talk about Remnant: From The Ashes. Here you must create your character which adapts correctly to your playing style, since you will have to fight against giant beasts, survive in chilling places and fight side by side with other players.

You can play alone or even as a team with 3 more players, which will make it more fun and epic if you want to defeat all the enemies that will appear on the road to survival. Throughout the 4 available worlds, you can find different special creatures from each world, weapons, tools, post apocalyptic environments and much more. If you are interested in what you have read about it, you can wait for its launch to buy it, this being for the PS4 on August 20.

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