Remedy works to improve Control performance on consoles

by Kelvin

Remedy works to improve Control performance on consoles. On August 27, Remedy's last work from Quantum Break was put up for sale, and even though it has not been a path of roses especially for unfair comparisons, the truth is that Control is liking a large number of players, even though there are certain discrepancies in regard to the note on portals such as Metacritic. Leaving controversial sides such as dubbing in Spanish, the game suffers another problem and is that of performance, at least on base consoles.

Digital Foundry offered, as usual, a technical and graphic video analysis of Control in the different systems. In that video it is highlighted that the performance is the worst, and even though Xbox One X manages to maintain the 30 fps type, on the base consoles it drops to 14-16fps. That is why Remedy has published an entry on the Control website, detailing what they are working on. In response to community feedback, Remedy is already working on improving Control performance on consoles.


«At this moment, the team is looking for possible ways to improve console optimization, but as we hope you understand, these things take time and do not happen at the push of a button (as much as we would like it to be). We are also examining specific problems that some players have been experiencing and we are looking for solutions for it. When we have more information we will make sure to inform you through our community channels »

In addition they also make a small mention about HDR. We remind you that in Control there is no possibility to enjoy it with the HDR (High Dynamic Range) and Remedy has apologized for the disappointment this has caused for some players. They comment that this decision is because they have limited resources and have chosen to work better in other aspects such as the implementation of the photo mode that will come soon and other free content. As they comment, they do not plan to add the HDR soon.

Control is the new thing about Remedy Entertainment, creators of other great Xbox exclusive games such as Quantum Break or Alan Wake. In this post you can take a look at our analysis.