Reminders on the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4, do not forget anything

by Kelvin
Reminders on the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4, do not forget anything

Reminders on the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4, do not forget anything

I've been almost since he showed up with the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 on the wrist and the truth is I almost forgot her. It is very comfortable, I just have to load it (it is one of its key aspects), it stimulates my exercise while recording my steps, calories and heart rate … In addition, and although I have said that I forget about it thanks to its comfort, the Xiaomi My Smart Band 4 gets that don't forget the homework.

The event reminders They are a very simple way to have all tasks safe. With them you will never forget anything you have pending: just write them down from the app Xiaomi Mi Fit and you will have them on your wrist just when you play. Buy the bread, make that important call, drink water … No matter what you have to do, the last Xiaomi Mi Band will remember for you.


Record all your reminders with the Xiaomi Mi Fit events

The tool I am talking about is included in the management application of Xiaomi, so you do not need to have anything else installed: My Fit is enough and is left over. You just have to worry about writing down everything pending: My Smart Band 4 He will notify you so you don't miss anything important.

To register new reminders you just have to do the following:

  • Access the Xiaomi Mi Fit application.
  • Go to the bottom tab of «Profile»And click on the Mi Smart Band 4.
  • Go into "Event Reminder«.
  • Click on «Add»And add each reminder one by one. You can choose a title (maximum 16 characters), how often the reminder will be repeated and at what time the corresponding warning will skip.

Reminders work without the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 having to be connected to the phone: once you have recorded the warning on the bracelet it will jump at the time you indicated; either once or periodically. When the time comes, your bracelet will vibrate to let you know; the notification remaining in the corresponding area to remind you. It is not an alarm, so you should not rule it out: the reminder only vibrates once. Of course, you can customize the vibration.

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