Remove these programs as soon as possible to improve Windows…

by Kelvin
Удалите эти программы как можно скорее, чтобы улучшить Windows.

CCleaner and other unnecessary cleaners and optimizers

Ccleaner it is the best known and most widely used purifier and optimizer for Windows… This program, which we can use for free, is responsible for detecting and removing all kinds of unwanted, temporary and unnecessary files from the PC, and also helps us optimize it, clean the registry and take care of our privacy. Highly recommended program, but can cause problems in the long run, especially if we use it incorrectly. In addition, this type of program usually has processes and services in the background, wasting RAM, CPU and other resources in a completely unnecessary way.

CCleaner limpiar registro

In addition to this, there are other similar tools that, although less well known, work in the same way. And so they will give us the same problems. Among other things, we can mention BleachBit , Glary utilities , Clean Master or IObit Advanced SystemCare.


Have Windows 10 has its own ” Storage sensor ”, Which allows us to automate the tasks of cleaning and optimizing the operating system without causing problems. Thanks to him, all other programs that we can install are completely unnecessary.

In addition to the previous programs, all sorts of hardware optimization tools (e.g. SSD Optimizers, Defragmenters, RAM frees, etc.) are not recommended to be avoided if we want to Windows worked fine.

Remove all antivirus and security software (except one)

Antivirus is essential for the safe use of the network. However, security software is one of the most resource-consuming and slowing down our computer the most. Although in Windows 10 has its own antivirus, Defender for Windows There are many users who choose to install other antivirus software or security tools either because they have a valid license, because they feel safer, or simply because they don’t like trusting Microsoft.

Antivirus Windows Defender

Defender Windows has established itself as one of the best antivirus programs, the program is on a par with any other security suite. In addition, we have another free antivirus that we can install on a PC, like Avast or Avira, which are much simpler and lighter than large packages like Kaspersky or Norton 360. It is important to make sure that we only have one antivirus. working on a computer. And, if the antivirus has a good engine, you will not need to install other programs, for example, the well-known Malwarebytes that end up consuming PC resources even if they don’t always work.

We also include in this section third party firewalls that we can install on a PC. V Windows 10 has its own firewall, a firewall that offers us good security (although somewhat difficult to configure) and that makes it no need to use other firewalls like like Comodo or Zone Alarm.

Adobe software? Better not

When we’re going to leave our computer ready with everything we might need, there are always programs that we often install, such as adobe on. reader for PDF files, Photoshop edit images, Premiere for video editing, etc. But have we ever thought about everything that lies below this?

Installing Adobe software involves installing a large number of services and processes, starting with Creative Cloud Desktop, a tool that allows us to manage our subscriptions, download them, update them, etc. And all of this is always loaded at system startup and consumes a significant amount of resources. Therefore, if possible, it is best to avoid them and look for alternatives to Adobe programs, such as:

  • Adobe Reader – Sumatra PDF or Microsoft Edge.
  • Photoshop – GIMP or Paint.NET
  • Adobe Premiere – OpenShot or Kdenlive

Always look for the simplest programs

When we install a program with many features and capabilities, do we really need them? Programs are becoming more and more comprehensive and instead of focusing on just one goal, they cover many functions and capabilities. And this ultimately leads to more resource consumption and larger size.

The simpler the software, if it meets our requirements, the better. This is how we make the PC perform at its best.