Report says up to 20 million PC gamers will switch to console by 2022

by Kelvin
Relatório afirma que até 20 milhões de jogadores de PC vão mudar para console até 2022

A report by economists from Jon Peddie Research (JPR) is stating that by the year 2022 up to 20 million PC gamers will migrate to consoles (which also includes game streaming services on smart TVs). This report is based on research that takes into account market behavior in recent years, as well as some logical statements following the upcoming news.

The study by JPR takes into account that the Moore's Law It is becoming more and more a problem. This law is a theory made in 1965, which said that the increase in transistors and chips would increase 100% at the same cost, over a period that would renew every 18 months. This "prophecy" has materialized to some extent, in recent years the manufacture of new chips is becoming slower, with less manufacturing. This has a direct impact on the PC market, which shows long term results.


Report says up to 20 million PC gamers will switch to console by 2022 2

Note that the above chart is not linear, it shows that the console market is up and down over the years without continuous growth. One thing that stands out is that the year of 2014 is the second best year for consoles, one year after the launch of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, that hit the market in November 2013.

In addition to the most well-known consoles, the study considers how consoles the smart TVs, that has become popular in recent years. They are being compatible even with streaming games, (like Google Stadia which was introduced in March 2019) a new feature that started to appear this year. This would dispense with the use of another device to play. Apparently the study considers smart TVs as a console for this reason.

The report also states that players who have to migrate from service are players who have intermediate or inbound PCs and will want to swap their equipment for a better gaming experience. One factor that is highlighted is that hardly anyone who invests in the best hardware features for your computer will trade your equipment for a console. These 20 million refer to people who are just starting out in the gaming world, or users who don't want to make big investments but still have a good experience.

Via: Adrenaline Source: Jon Peddie Research

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