Reputed barbers teach how to cut hair online on this website

by Kelvin
Reputed barbers teach how to cut hair online on this website

In the coronavirus era many people dream of being able to return to the salon and regain their usual cut, look, or hairstyle. Curious initiatives like the website have also emerged, connecting you to a world-class barber.

Today there are many people who, due to home confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic, watch tutorials and take out scissors to cut their bangs, finish with split ends or dare to change their look.


Technology helps too: this website called connects users with reputable barbers to improve the appearance of people, especially of people who have to maintain a good physical appearance in their digital meetings, online classes and other digital alternatives.

explains Josh Elkin, television personality, chef and business owner in an explanatory video.

Should you be concerned about finding a hair in your food?

The new website, created in the United States, tries to allow barbers and hairdressing professionals to recover their financial losses. A “quick cut” of 20 minutes has a price of around 18 euros, while an elaborated one of 45 minutes costs 30. The specialists provide explanations in streaming step by step.

The platform itself recommends that, to make the most of the service, you must before booking an appointment.

The website goes like this: “We paired you up with a world-class barber through video chat to overcome your difficult time.” They define the opportunity as win-win, or you can look good while supporting five-star barbers around the world.

Source | Futurism

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