Resident Evil 0 review | Goods

by Kelvin
Resident Evil 0 review | Goods

If you want a fast and versatile version of Resident Evil, you can 4, 5, 6 and Revelation to be chosen. What ZHD immediately showed was that there was a special red sauce that was gorey for the original game that had never been successfully copied.


The recipe: line up the cans with a classic 'metroidvania' level design that shows a tantalizing glimpse of new areas and items before you're ready to open them, add an inventory management piece and a puzzle, two stunning prepared background sections and a terrifying angle still camera, a bit of Japanese humor and seasoning with mixed monsters. Bake until very hard. Surprisingly very good return.

Even for true Resident Evil lovers, there are times that still feel awkward and more frustrated by new players. Official label 15, 99 is also questioned for basically old 14 year old games

That said, it's another confirmation of the brilliance of the original game that I still think is worth it, especially if you missed the Wii port or haven't played the original. This is where it all begins (in terms of the timeline of the story remains) and it's worth the terrible journey back through the house of memory.

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