resistance test with scratches, fire …

by Kelvin
Samsung Galaxy Note 10: test de resistencia con arañazos, fuego...

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 were presented a couple of weeks ago. At this time they can be pre-purchased on different platforms and there are only a couple of days left for Samsung to start sending the terminals. They may be thinking of the smartphone resistance like this one, which seems very fragile in the photographs and videos we have seen about him. Today we can take a look at a resistance test conducted by the well-known channel JerryRigEverything. The owner of this channel already has us accustomed to their tests with fire and scratches How much we like them.

These types of videos serve to get an idea of how tough is the smartphone that you will buy And if there is any more interesting option in the market. The passage of time can make a device unusable and these tests let us see how it could affect the day to day a mobile of this type.


That's how tough Samsung is Galaxy Note 10

The classic tests of this individual begin by trying scratch several parts of the device. He usually does it, because he has the perfect tools to do it. The grace of the test is to see what degree of strength or what material can scratch the screen, frames or camera protection. After this test check the fire resistance of the screen or how difficult it can be to fold the device.

The reality is that this terminal is more or less as resistant as the other high ranges. Your screen is scratched at level 6, something quite normal when we talk about panels with Gorilla Glass 6 protection. Almost all the high-end mobiles that pass through the table of this youtuber end up giving way at level 6. In this case you will not have a screen more resistant to scratches than other phones on the market With similar prices.

Fire resistance is also quite standard when we talk about an AMOLED panel. Can resist several seconds with a direct flame and then return to normal. There is no trace, although it is something that you may not replicate on your smartphone ever.

Finally we can verify that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is quite complicated to fold. It is not possible to do it with your hands and this allows us to think that it is very likely that you do not double with the normal use of a user. Sitting on top of it should not affect your integrity either.

In the video you can take a look at S-Pen inside or to the operation of the fingerprint sensor after scratching the entire surface of the screen. The summary is, that this Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is quite tough, although it does not stand out too much in any section.

Source | YouTube

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