Respawn admits its error with the micropayments of Apex Legends and changes the way to get the new skins

by Kelvin

Earlier this week, Apex Legends received the long-awaited Solo mode and the Iron Crown limited time event, which adds legendary new skins for all characters and various weapons. But what should be a time of celebration, has become bad news, not only because of boycott rumors, due to a great controversy that arose due to micropayments.

Many players denounced the fact that the only way to get the new skins was through the loot boxes of the game that are sold in exchange for 7000 Apex coins or 7 dollars. Obviously, managing to acquire all of them is a difficult challenge for most users, taking into account their random nature.


Apex Legends players are forming teams to boycott the solo mode

"With the Iron Crown event, we lost the mark when we broke our promise by making the Apex Packs the only way to get what many consider the coolest new skins we have launched," says the head of Apex Legends, Drew McCoy, it's a statement. «This week has been a great learning experience for us and we are taking the lessons forward to continue providing the best possible experience to all of you»

The team's solution is that from now on, the new Apex Legends skins will not only be available through the loot boxes, but can be purchased independently at each character's store. In the same way that is done with the rest of the articles. In addition, they have shared the calendar of when each of the skins will go on sale.

apex-skins "width =" 974 "height =" 547 "data-portal-copyright =" SomosXbox "data-has-syndication-rights =" 1 "src =" /uploads/2019/08/apex-skins.jpg "/></p><p style=In this way they can be purchased for 1,800 Apex coins or € 18, which remains a very important figure. The only difference is that it no longer depends on chance to get the desired skin.

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