REVIEW: Alienware 510K and Alienware 510M, check out the potential of these gaming peripherals

by Kelvin

We tested Alienware’s 510K Mechanical Keyboard and 510M Gamer Mouse, and show our impressions here

To create a gamer setup Quality is a must have high-end items on your desk, including peripherals that can help your performance a lot! Check out the review we did from Keyboard Alienware 510K mechanic It’s from Mouse gamer Alienware 510M!

Alienware 510K Mechanical Keyboard

Design and Construction

Aimed at the gamer audience, this keyboard gives alienware already impresses with its RGB lighting technology that promises 16.8 million different color possibilities, which can be easily controlled by the Alienware Command Center, application that installs automatically when you connect the keyboard to your desktop or notebook.


The keyboard is robust, with no visual pollution such as excess keys or mismatched colors, coming only with the keys in black color and the body in lead color. Another highlight that we caught our eye when using this keyboard is the rotary volume control, reminiscent of a kind of “jumper roller”.

the keyboard of alienware it also has other keys with shortcuts that clearly help in the players’ day-to-day, such as: multimedia shortcuts, RGB brightness controllers and the key blocker “Windows”, which will surely save you if you accidentally press this button in the middle of a game of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS GO).

Finally, this mechanical keyboard has two height adjustments, a USB port located on the top, and its double USB cable is made of a resistant material, sewn and is two meters long.


O Alienware 510K highlights the key mechanism, which have the style low profile 35% lower than conventional mechanical keys. This brings better precision to the movement and there is no risk that your finger will end up hitting another key when making a quick move.

The silent touches of this keyboard also caught our attention, something rare in most competitors in the market. Alienware has equipped its product with the switches CHERRY MX Red, linear type, which bring greater speed to players as they allow quick double or triple taps on the keyboard.

The keyboard brings the system NKRON-KEY ROLLOVER, which records multiple keys pressed simultaneously. It allows you to write faster, or perform a move where you need to hit several keys like in a strafe at the CS:GO, which consists of appearing and hiding behind a wall or object in order to seek information on the map, or “fishing” the enemy of sniper (AWP).

The products alienware are in a higher price range than more popular brands, and the price of the keyboard can scare the budget-hungry gamer: Dell, official reseller of Alienware in Brazil, the 510K it costs R$799.00.

When we test the product of alienware, we immediately noticed the great performance of this keyboard: when playing CS:GO it was possible to perform more straight and uniform movements, giving quality to the strafes and “hake” of AWP – Sniper. Having this peripheral installed in your gamer setup is a guarantee of great games.

For those who don’t want a lot of aesthetic details or excessive buttons, the 510K fulfills its role for the needs of gamers, bringing a performance in response time, agility and speed in the execution of the most complex plays, in addition to RGB lighting that brings a totally futuristic and elegant look to the keyboard.

Alienware 510M Gamer Mouse

Design and Construction

O Alienware 510M Gamer Mouse brings an ergonomic look similar to a spaceship. Sturdy and elegant, it has matte black and lead colors, and comes equipped with three buttons on the left side, two buttons next to the left click button, the classic left and right buttons, and a sensitivity controller (DPI) button that changes the color when selecting another resolution.

The mouse has LED lighting that can vary its color, and the USB cable has the same material used in the keyboard 510K, with good strength and textile-like finish.


The big advantage of getting a mouse like this is from alienware is the amount of buttons that can be configured for different macros, making games much faster and more practical. Having 10 buttons configurable by the application Alienware Command Center, the purpose of this mouse is to bring ergonomics and reaction speed to the player.

O Alienware Command Center allows you to configure various functions for a better experience when using this mouse, such as mouse sensitivity, create macros for games or shortcuts for everyday use, and also mark game profiles in order to access the configuration created for each type game, be it an FPS or RPG, for example.

The configured abilities can be activated through the side buttons. However, the position of these buttons could be improved, as the thumb ends up unintentionally triggering the abilities configured for these buttons, as happened when we tested it with the game League of Legends (the macro was configured to release one of the skills that are on the Q/W/E/R buttons and ended up spending a skill unnecessarily).

the mouse of alienware brings 16,000 DPI resolution, offering a high reflection rate. Good to remember that high resolution does not mean more precision when aiming at the CS:GO, for example, the movement will only be faster and with greater reflex. Therefore, you need to test which sensitivity best suits your playing style, and the mousepad it also directly influences your choice of DPI.


the price of Alienware 510M accompanying the other products is superior to the competitors, on average R$ 400.00 on the official website of the Dell.

When we tested this mouse from alienware, the peripheral gains positive points in its beauty and ergonomics, bringing comfort in its use (although this noble editor found the mouse a bit heavy and with the feeling of having a larger frame due to its small hand). in the test while playing CS:GO and League of Legends, it is noticed that the clicks are fast, silent and soft, which brings quality in the plays, and with the macro function it is possible to configure any skill in the chosen game.

With that, this mouse will certainly bring great advantages for players with its ergonomics, precision, speed and macros that can be configured as shortcuts, completely optimizing your gaming experience.

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