REVIEW: Beta of Back 4 Blood confirms that game is spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead

by Kelvin
Review: beta de back 4 blood confirma que jogo Γ© sucessor espiritual de left 4 dead.

Back 4 Blood Beta served as a showcase for the game’s potential to reinvent the format created by the Left 4 Dead franchise.

Back 4 Blood is a game that will be officially released on October 12th, developed by Turtle Rock Studios and distributed by Warner Bros. Games. The developer is the same responsible for creating, in partnership with Valve, the franchise Left 4 Dead. In addition to the similarity between the names, we played the closed beta of Back 4 Blood and we prepared an analysis of everything that the game has as a difference and also what it keeps from its roots.

Overall, the game still follows the same precept and format. the purpose of Back 4 Blood is to kill zombies and survive an apocalypse caused by a worldwide infection. The format follows the same paths, with its differentials at the end.

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Is Back 4 Blood Left 4 Dead 3?

For fans of the franchise of Left 4 Dead and of the Valve, the idea that there is a Left 4 Dead 3 it was completely discarded many years ago with any hope that the company will make a trilogy of its top franchises.

And inside the Valve, there was no interest, in fact, in making a sequel to the zombie game; on the other hand, its creators had this desire. So, with a revamped team and a few remnants of the Left 4 Dead, a Turtle Rock Studios started to develop a new game. How name rights belong to Valve, they had to create a franchise, this time called Back 4 Blood, keeping the style of the original game.

To the Valve, who still makes a lot of money with Left 4 Dead, it would not be worth investing in a new entry into the franchise. Thus, Back 4 Blood it may be very similar to the 2008 and 2009 games, but they are unrelated and not even part of the same story.


The game features two main modes and we got a great taste of the potential of both during the closed beta. The best known is the campaign mode. In it, up to 4 players cooperatively participate in missions to survive and escape hordes of zombies, which in the game are called infected.

The main difference between Back 4 Blood and Left 4 Dead gets into the mechanics involved with characters and how they can be used. In Left 4 Dead, we could only play with the same characters and there was no difference between their abilities. Already in Back 4 Blood, there were 8 characters shown so far, each with a different story and special abilities that will be important when building your team.

During the beta we were able to play in 8 campaign missions, in graphically very beautiful and varied scenarios. The game still follows the premise of linear advancement, where you only progress through the mission by going forward. Some levels have some tasks that break the stigma that the game is only about shooting zombies. Almost every final moment of a mission has a task like: blow up a ship, load a missile artillery, unload a sand truck to make way. These moments, in addition to increasing the tension and difficulty of the progression, break into the frantic pace of running in a straight line all the time, giving an interesting breath to the gameplay.

In addition to the variety of layout of maps and different challenges to progress, another hit of Back 4 Blood is the variety of contaminated. In addition to the common zombies, there are also mutated zombies that should be treated with more attention β€” and bullets. Each zombie mutation has different abilities and needs to be eliminated using different strategies.

meet the sentries

As said before, one of the differentials of Back 4 Blood it’s the variety of the sentries, the playable characters in the game. This variety allows each gameplay to differ depending on your strategy and your team’s character mix. So let’s meet the characters in the game.

  • Hoffman: He lost his mother in the middle of the infection and found a new family in the other characters. Its special abilities are: generate ammo with every zombie kill, extra space to store offensive utilities and more ammo capacity for team.
  • Walker: He is an ex-military man of few words and respected by his comrades. Its ability to increase the damage and health of the team, as well as each critical low it, the accuracy increases.
  • Female doctor: It is the most rational and pragmatic of the team, which has the ability to heal allies with low health even without healing items; generate more health than others when using healing items and increase the team’s trauma resistance.
  • Mom: She is the ‘big mom’ of the team: challenger and leader. She has the ability to instantly reanimate teammates, start campaigns with extra health and has a slot extra support utilities.
  • Holly: The team’s light, which always brings good humor and optimism. It has special abilities to restore health with melee kills, more damage resistance and increase team stamina.
  • Evangel: He is the youngest and most inexperienced of the group, but also one of the most dedicated. His special abilities are: increase the team’s movement speed, increase stamina regeneration and he also manages to get loose from grabs more easily.
  • Karlee: She is the lone wolf of the team. It has the ability to detect enemies, a slot extra in inventory and increase the speed of use of team items.
  • Jim: He knows the surroundings where the campaign is taking place like no one else. It has the ability to increase the speed of the aim, increase the team’s critical damage and also every kill for critical damage, the damage is increased.

card system

To increase the game’s replayability, the team of developers created the card system. For each match you must assemble a deck of cards that has buffs and letters of corruption. The first ones give bonuses to your team, while the corruption cards try to affect the game to make it more difficult.

Starting from your deck, the game will give you some options and each player will choose their cards, making each game have completely different combinations and strategies, due to the combinations of the cards.

So far, the card system has proved to be very interesting in modifying the dynamics of each match, despite being confusing right away. During the beta, the game does not feature a tutorial on how to use the system and this can be confusing for most people.

Bonus cards range from better and specific weapons, to special abilities like increasing your stamina. It is worth mentioning here that in this game you cannot run forever, your player has vigor, which appears as a bar on the screen, which, when exhausted, prevents the character from running, just like the breath itself. Also, you will take damage and likely fall during the match. When a teammate uses medical items on you, you will always have permanent damage, called trauma.

Added to all these details, Back 4 Blood still has the game director, the game’s artificial intelligence. She will manipulate the campaign maps according to her gameplay. So when you play a level for the second time, it won’t be the same anymore: doors will change places, spawn of zombies and items will be different. All this to increase replayability, the main proposal of the team at Turtle Rock Studios.

competitive PvP mode

The PvP mode (player versus player or player against player, in literal translation) is very similar to PvP of Left 4 Dead 2, formed by matches of 8 players divided into 2 teams. Each team will take a side, either as sentries or taints.

The sentry team has 3 minutes to arm themselves and fortify their position with items from the ground and the zombies will have to coordinate an attack on the other team to kill them as quickly as possible.

Once the sentry team dies, time will be set and teams will switch sides; now the sentries play zombie and vice versa. The team that survives the longest at the end of the trades wins the round. The matches in the beta were decided on a scheme of best of 3, that is, the team that wins 2 rounds wins the game.

As in the campaign, you have customizable items through the card system for the sentries and also for the zombies, the modifications being mutations that alter the gameplay of each zombie category.

NVIDIA DLSS shows its potential

For PC gamers with Nvidia RTX line of graphics cards, the Back 4 Blood experience has all the potential to be maximized. This is due to Nvidia’s DLSS technology, which increases game performance.

DLSS is an upscaling tool, which is nothing more than rendering the game scene in a lower quality and using artificial intelligence to increase the final resolution. For example, if your video card doesn’t run Back 4 Blood 4k 30fps natively, when you enable DLSS, it will render the game at 1080p and use the AI ​​to get to 4K.

NVIDIA’s technology has been constantly updated and there are more than 60 games that support DLSS, including Back 4 Blood, which has already received the function in this open beta.

Will Back 4 Blood replace Left 4 Dead?

During the beta, in addition to being able to finally test the PvP mode and new campaign maps, the game finally showed what it came from, with good gameplay and very few problems with bugs and interface, which is a great sign for a beta.

However, it’s hard to believe that the game will fulfill its replacement potential. Left 4 Dead. Although it’s a lot of fun and has many improvements compared to the 2009 game, Back 4 Blood it lacks in one detail: monetization.

Left 4 Dead 2 is played daily by a huge fan base and easily beats 20,000 simultaneous players on the PC version. Knowing that the game is infinitely cheaper and active, will this fan base move to a game that will be released for R$279.90? In addition to the full price of a game triple A, Back 4 Blood will have content divided into seasons, DLCs with maps and new mechanics that can separate the base from the start. players about the game.

With all this in view, it should also be noted that the game has plenty of good points to attract fans of Left 4 Dead and also new players. In addition to the ease of finding matches online, the game is crossplay, allowing you to play with people from any platform.

What’s left for us now is to wait for the game’s release and understand what the game’s additional paid content schedule will be like. Back 4 Blood has everything to be the spiritual successor of Left 4 Dead, but may be overshadowed by aggressive financial planning by WB Games.

If you want to take a look at a PC that can handle this game with ease, check out the review of showmetech about the computer NAVE Orbita IA20.

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