Review Chuwi LapBook Plus: the best for less than 450 euros?

by Kelvin

It almost seems that in the last period only registered devices have been produced Chuwi. In fact, we had the chance to try many devices of this brand. Not always, however, we were fully satisfied, as in the case of Chuwi HiPad LTE. It remains true that this company aims to offer its tablets and laptops at a really affordable price compared to the competition, while not giving up a good technical sector. This will also be the case with Chuwi LapBook Plus? Will this laptop have been able to supplant all the other devices from the same parent company, even if it is placed in a price range that is not too low? Find out inside ours full review.

Review Chuwi LapBook Plus


Taking a look at the sales package we always find the same form factor. In fact, all the external surface is made of rigid cardboard, with the company logo printed on the front. Inside, then, we find:

  • Chuwi LapBook Plus;
  • power supply with European socket and 12V / 3A output;
  • short instruction manual.

Design & Materials

Chuwi LapBook Plus it does not differ much from the high laptops of the Chinese house. It too, therefore, has a body in satin metal which encloses the entire surface, even the internal one where the keyboard resides. On a chromatic level it is very close to what we saw with Chuwi Lapbook Pro, showing a gray similar to that of the MacBooks of Apple. We do not have the measures, but in terms of size we are faced with a unit much larger than the average. In fact, this laptop implements a display from well 15.6 inches diagonal, even allowing yourself to have the numeric keypad.

Chuwi LapBook Plus

When handling the device, you will not hear any creaking and the structure with its 1,520 grams weight, is very solid. Some may, however, experience problems during transport, as size is still important. In addition to the logo in the right corner, there is nothing interesting on the front. On the lower profile, instead, there is a space for access to theSSD M.2 SATA.

Chuwi LapBook Plus

Then we have an entrance on the right side USB 2.0, the hole mini jack for headphones and a door for microSD. Turning our gaze from the opposite side, however, we find a Status LEDs, the refill hole of the device, an input USB 3.0 and an entrance mini HDMI. In case there was also a USB Type-C port we would have practically reached perfection.

Keyboard & Touchpad

As soon as you open the laptop you are in front of one keyboard really huge, also characterized by the presence of the classic numeric keypad on the right. We are already used to different Chuwi products, so the key size does not appear to be larger than the other laptops of the brand. It is necessary to get used, however, to an average size slightly larger than that used by competitors. Despite this, the spaces between the various components are sufficiently good, taking little time to get used to. Obviously, then, you will have to deal with the american layout, which does not have the typical accents of our language. Beyond all these data, however, the key travel it is quite wide, returning a contained noise in the writing phase.

Chuwi LapBook Plus

Under the keyboard find space on touchpad central, which allows you to take advantage of a really large surface. This tool works very well in all its parts, showing a virtually non-existent input lag and also equipping all the classics gesture of Windows. The whole surface is 100% usable, even in the lateral points that usually reserve some unpleasant surprises. Given the size of the laptop, therefore, this touchpad is certainly adequate.

Chuwi LapBook Plus


Within the list of products available on the company store, this Chuwi LapBook Plus is one of the best from a technical point of view regarding the display. In fact, we are facing a unity IPS from 15.6 inches diagonal with resolution 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels), 282ppi is 100% sRGB. With a not very wide screen-to-body-ratio, this device is one of the best in Chuwi's LapBook family.

Chuwi LapBook Plus

Also from the chromatic point of view all the colors they are reproduced fairly faithfully, showing discreet viewing angles. As with many other units, however, the screen does not have a matte finish, which is why it is not very easy to see in direct sunlight. Despite this, playing with the inclination of the screen up to about 120 ° and jousting with the brightness of the panel, it is possible to obtain at least sufficient performance. Being an IPS panel, however, it is clear that there are imperfections in terms of color. In fact, all whites are very cold, while blacks are not very deep.

I really appreciated the fact that along the side frames there is a plastic surface. This remedies an annoying problem: when you open the display, on the other laptops, all the fingerprints remain on the upper part of the glass.

Hardware & Performance

On Chuwi LapBook Plus, find a chipset Intel Atom X7-E3950, so a quad-core processor with a base clock frequency of 1.6 GHz, capable of reaching 2.0 GHz of power with the turbo boost. Although this type of solution is slightly out of focus with respect to the price charged for the machine, it offers discrete performance in almost all situations. Much of the merit, however, must be attributed to 8GB LPDDR4 RAM, able to manage even more open applications well. For internal storage, however, this laptop uses a 256GB SSD. In case you want to increase this space, however, you can always take advantage of an external microSD, up to reach 128GB, and an additional SS2 M.2 SATA compartment on the back.

Although this laptop was not designed for a certain type of work, it still manages to satisfy almost all needs. Also using video editing programs, such as Sony Vegas Pro, Chuwi LapBook Plus allows you to make some minor video changes. When you want to exceed the changes, however, the system is likely to crash and the application is automatically closed. During the web browsing, instead, even with multiple tabs open on Chrome the laptop performs well, slowing down only when there are so many processes running in the background. I therefore advise against watching a video in 4K, combined with the modification of some photos on Photoshop and a rather bland web browsing. In fact, it is not possible to combine all these things well together.

From a graphic point of view we have one Intel HD Graphics 505 GPU to 500 MHz, from which I would have expected even worse performance. On this device, however, some test titles work well. Playing a Armajet, for example, I did not feel such a low frame-rate that I could not play freely with the other elements of the team, managing to maneuver the character with a certain ease. Even in the most stressful sessions, then, you never go into thermal throttling, staying up temperatures CPU never exceeding 70 degrees.



Chuwi LapBook Plus presents Windows 10 Home, not differing in nothing compared to what is offered on other competing laptops. On all the menus, moreover, a certain fluidity is guaranteed, without showing slowdowns or system freezes. Therefore, you will not have any problem in receiving emails or other messages, as well as viewing streaming content. With Netflix is Amazon Prime VideoIn fact, I have always been able to enjoy satisfactory performance, thanks also to the large display available on this laptop.

Also on this laptop are all rights to Windows, being able to manage the system as on other similar products.

Connectivity & Audio

Going to take a look at the connectivity sector, we find a module Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac Dual Band with good enough coverage. If put in a critical position for receiving the signal, in fact, this laptop has returned fairly good performance, allowing me to surf the net without too many problems. The fact that in case of need there are two USB ports is not to be underestimated. With the entrance USB 3.0moreover, a much higher data transfer rate is guaranteed, therefore the use of the latter is always to be preferred.

However, the Bluetooth 4.0 and one WebCam front from 2 mega-pixels, set in the top frame. With the latter it is possible to enjoy some shots but, more than anything, in the sharing of images through video call. Thanks to it, in fact, the user will be able to take advantage of a rather poor video quality, being able to count however on a discreet audio. Near the camera, in fact, there is the main microphone.

Chuwi LapBook Plus

Analyzing the sector audio, it is good to remember that i two speakers they are placed frontally, along the sides of the keyboard. Only the lower part, however, is the one responsible for the audio output. From this point of view, therefore, the quality is not excellent and the maximum volume is very little incisive. Also a totally inexistent bass reproduction, which tends to flatten outgoing audio too. This situation can therefore be solved only with the use of a pair of good earphones.

Chuwi LapBook Plus


On this unit we find one battery from 36.5 Wh, which allows you to exploit the device for a period of time not very wide. Using Chuwi LapBook Plus for work, also delighting in watching some videos on YouTube, in the modification of some images and in normal web browsing, I have not passed 3 hours of continuous use within a day. Even with the TV series on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video the situation remains almost identical, gaining only about 30 minutes more autonomy.

Reloading the device from 10 to 100%, the power supply in the package (12V / 2A) takes about 3 hours.

Price & Conclusions

Chuwi LapBook Plus is sold at a price of approx 439 euros on all major e-commerce sites. After all the tests carried out I think I can say with absolute certainty that the requested figure is slightly higher than what one would expect. I would have found greater convenience, in fact, in proposing a device of this type at around 400 euros and, perhaps, even something less. Overall, though, the performance is quite convincing and there are never any problems that compromise its use.

If you were looking for a reliable product that would allow you to work with the package Office and to enjoy some multimedia content without problems, this laptop could be for you. It is not by far the best product in its price range. In fact, within Chuwi itself, for a lower amount it is possible to settle for LapBook Pro, which in some respects is practically the same.