Review: Control – Control Everything in Your Hands

by Kelvin

Control, Remedy Entertainment's new game, draws on its predecessors and delights with immersive gameplay and amazing soundtrack

Remedy entertainment, the renowned company of Alan Wake and the latest Quantum Break, published yet another extremely charismatic game with fantastic art direction and several cultural and cinematic references: Control. The game is one of the big releases of the second half of 2019 and brings the same formula of success that made the Remedy be as established as it is today, with a captivating story, engaging characters and a game that works despite the sameness.


We received a copy of Control for testing and after two days of intense gambling you can check out our full review.

What's behind the poster on the wall?

Photo shows Jesse Faden, protagonist of Control, Remedy's newest game.Jesse Faden, the new director of the US Bureau of Control.

In Control, you control Jesse Faden, the new deputy director of Federal Government Control Department, or as it's called in the game, just Bureau. Jesse works as an undercover agent for 17 years looking for his brother named Dylan, who after an incident in his homeland Ordinary, were exposed to an incident that caused two entities to enter each Polaris and another of Hiss.

Jesse, upon first entering the Bureau, discovers that the current director had just killed himself with a weapon called Service Weapon, named in the game as a Power Object, in which a living entity takes hold of an object and becomes one. After noting that Service Weapon clamoring for Jesse, she learns that the entity called Hiss takes control of almost every employee of the Bureau, employees who become hostile and start attacking Jesse. And so the game begins.

Perfect but misapplied level design and gameplay

Photo shows one of Control's distorted environments, with moving walls, moving places, keeping one secret after another.Dystopian structures, poorly structured but extremely mysterious environments make up Control.

Control draws inspiration from its predecessors for the application of its development and setting, taking clear references to Alan Wake, Quantum break and even works like Stranger things and Mr. RobotBut all this seems to be a big mess in the final product.

One of the goals of the game's story is that it really keeps you in the dark about the events of the event that is taking place and also the facts involved in the story, but everything is so "played" and only accepted by the protagonist that, throughout the game, Doubts and more questions accumulate and only a few answers are given to the player – and if they stop, read all the files found by the environment, listen to each of the text files and pay close attention to each dialogue in the game.

Photo shows the game's protagonist, Jesse, using her telepathic powers to levitate objects and attack enemies.Telekinesis is not Jesse's only ability, it can also fly, protect itself and more.

Your gameplay. Although mechanically perfect, it is constantly proven to be one of the game's most damaging and critical points. The game gives you interesting mechanics like flanking the enemy or using the scenery to your advantage, as an option to cover behind some objects, but it becomes impossible to do once you realize that each enemy on the map has its artificial intelligence set to reach the player, regardless of where they are.

Situations with enemies Kamikazand they are the least of your problems once you realize how unbalanced the combat is. Multiple enemies in every corner of the map attacking simultaneously without any respite and using weapons that kill the protagonist almost instantly. Not to mention the lengthy reloading that the game needs after each death. It gets frustrating sometimes when you have to die 4, 7, 10 times on a map just to memorize and study how enemies work. Go blindly in a new environment and death in the right.

Photo shows one of several explosions present in the game, one of its attractions.Explosions and flames are one of the attractions of the game. Thanks to their Ray Tracing technology, they are breathtaking for the player.

O Level Design and the position of the enemies does not help the player either. With extremely dark environments and positioning enemies in high places and virtually unreachable at times and without any help from the interface such as damage indicator or even a mini map, the player continually roams the scene without being able to progress to the next environment until Let all enemies be killed by playing a kind of hide-and-seek game with an enemy you don't know where you are and who keeps shooting at you.

The skills available to Jesse greatly help the player, such as Telekinesia which gives the possibility of throwing objects scattered around the map as well as parts of the scenery, pieces of ground stones and even the enemies themselves. However, the rest of your arsenal becomes increasingly weak and indispensable as the game progresses. Flying skills, for example, only leave you more exposed to attacks, making you die more often.

Perfectly orchestrated despite their problems

Photo shows the game's main QH, where Jesse, the protagonist, makes her plans of where to explore shortly thereafter.Control Point of the game, the main QH where the director makes her planning and studies where to explore.

One thing that is easily noticed is the wonderful art direction and choice for colors present in the game, with a shadowy palette and blood tones on a white screen and also, clear movement. Bauhaus present in all environments and structures of the game. Control It also has a captivating and extremely interesting story, with facts that constantly mirror our reality and always repeating the most important question that is asked all the time: Are you really in control?

Another strong point of Control is already recurrent in games published by Remedy: an gameplay extremely fluid, with very detailed handling whether in combat with enemies or even in their cutscenes, which are rendered on the game's own graphics engine, enriching the details of the environment and taking the characters' facial expression to a new level.

Photo shows Ray Tracing technology, the new graphics change for the gaming world.Ray Tracing is the future, and a little proof of what's next is Control

Control also brings the innovative Ray tracing, a new technology capable of delivering the best graphics experience the gaming world has ever seen, but on consoles this experience has not been received in a polite manner. Constant frame drop problems have been reported during gameplay in very detailed scenarios. Despite the problems, Control can deliver a solid experience with a gameplay Extremely fun. In addition, the company promised to improve game quality on consoles, but did not give a specific date.

In addition to its wonderful scenery, the game's soundtrack leaves nothing to be desired. Choosing darker tones to suit the mysterious yet macabre atmosphere that the game provides while offering frenzied heavy metal beats as you enter moments of action or combat. Control Not only is it pleasing to the eyes but also to the ears, making the player get deeper and deeper with each minute spent within the game.

Photo shows one of the main points of the Control map, where enemies concentrate largely.One of the main venues present at the Old House at the Bureau of Control. Here is one of the main focuses of Ruido.

Control is just the beginning

Despite your problems, Control It is an indispensable experience for all game lovers. With a wonderful level design and detailed environments thanks to the new technology of Ray tracing, makes every corner the player looks at is never the same. With extremely captivating characters, a smooth progression through the environment no matter how confusing, a memorable soundtrack and a remarkable story with an unforgettable ending.

In the picture shows Jesse, using his object levitating power to perform a puzzle of the game.Jesse uses his skills not only for combat but also for puzzle solving, also one of the game's strengths.

Control It has 11 hours in its main campaign and 23 hours if the player seeks to do everything in the game. The game is now available and was published today. August 27, 2019 for Playstation 4, Xbox one and PRAÇA.

  • Final grade – 7.2 / 10

7.2 / 10

Final considerations

Control is by far one of the best Remedy games ever published since Alan Wake, coming to revolutionize not only the market but also the gaming industry. With plenty of content and entertainment, Control is easily one of the best games of the year 2019. The game may need 1 or 2 patch enhancements to be 100% playable, but despite its problems, nothing gets in the way of the fun and entertainment that the game has. game easily delivers without making it a perfect game to play alone and especially with friends.


  • Extremely interesting and mysterious story that intrigues and captivates
  • A great voice acting with memorable voices
  • Located in PT
  • A wonderful soundtrack that greatly resembles the macabre and mysterious environment of the game.
  • Plenty of post-game content (after it's finished)
  • Interesting and fun side quests


  • Post-kill loadings take up to 2 minutes
  • Frequent texture rendering issues
  • Motion Blur that cannot be turned off or smoothed
  • Constant frame drops
  • Lack of checkpoints during game progression
  • A linear story without many choices
  • An unintuitive interface with no mini map or screen objectives

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