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by Kelvin
Review LG V30 +

Review LG V30 + 21


Presented in August 2017, LG showed the world its new flagship that is now known as V30, there is also a Plus version of this model and precisely that version will be the star of today's analysis.

The LG V30 + is presented with a 6.0-inch P-OLED type screen that covers virtually the entire front as did the LG G6. Inside we will find a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor accompanied by 4GB of RAM and up to 128GB of memory, all controlled by Android 7.1.2 Nougat and powered by a 3300 mAh battery. It also stands out for its dual camera, a 16 megapixel sensor with f / 1.6 aperture and another 13 megapixel f / 1.9 wide angle.


Of course this review would not be possible without the help of our great friends from ProMovil who lent us this unit and thus be able to bring you this present analysis. If you want to have your own LG V30 +, in You find it.

Author: Jonathan MunizagaPhotographs: Nelson SalazarTrial period: November 8 – November 13


– LG– V30 + – V300L (variant for South Korea / LG U +) – Initial status: New
– 3G: 850/900/1900 / 2100– 4G: B1 / B3 / B5 / B7 CHILE / B17 / B28 CHILE / B38 / B40– LTE CAT 16 1024/150 Mbps – Compatible with 4G + – Operates with Entel's own networks, Movistar and Claro
– P-OLED– 6.0 inch size– Resolution 2880 x 1440– HDR10 / Dolby Vision– Density 537ppi– Protection: Corning Gorilla Glass 5
– Rear fingerprint reader – Face recognition
– Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor – Four cores 2.45GHz Kryo + Four cores 1.9GHz Kryo – Adreno 540 graphics processor – 4GB RAM memory – 128GB internal storage – Wi-Fi 892.11 a / b / g / n / ac 2.4 and 5GHz, Wi-Fi Direct, DLNA, Miracast– Bluetooth 5.0– GPS, Assisted GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO– NFC– Mono Speaker– USB Type-C– Li-Ion Battery 3300 mAh– Android 7.1.2 Nougat Operating System
– Dual main sensor of 16 MP f / 1.6 + 13 MP f / 1.9 – Phase detection, optical stabilization and laser for autofocus – LED Flash – Video 4K 30fps – Full HD 60fps – Full HD 30fps – Front sensor of 5 megapixels with opening f / 2.2


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The LG V30 + has a very elegant design, in addition to being very thin and light. Its screen is the one that stands out completely here, since we see it devouring almost all the edges in a way very similar to what happened with the LG G6, with the difference that here the edges end in a curve.

The rear part of the equipment is composed of glass, which is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5 technology as well as its front part. We have 6 inches of screen on a body that is smaller than an iPhone in its Plus version, all this thanks to the almost non-existent edges that it has on the front.

Review LG V30 + 23

It turns out to be a fairly comfortable equipment to use, it does not look large or annoying when you carry it in your pockets. Of course, being a completely glass equipment, it turns out to be a fingerprint magnet. Its dimensions are: 75.4 x 151.7 x 7.3 mm, and its weight is158 grams.


Now we talk about its screen, which reaches 6 inches, is of the P-OLED type offering a resolution of 1440 × 2880 pixels and 537ppi, in addition to leaving behind the classic 16: 9 and moving on to offer an aspect ratio 18 : 9. With these specifications you can deliver a very good image quality, almost at the same level of the LG OLED screens that you see in the big stores, and believe me that I am not exaggerating.

Review LG V30 + 24

This screen has Dolby Vision and HDR10 technologies, which will allow you to see this type of content in applications such as YouTube and Netflix, making colors look really vivid and with a high brightness and luminosity.

In the dedicated menu for the screen you will find functions to change the size of the overall appearance, as well as change the font size. You can modify if you want an application not compatible with the 18: 9 format to be displayed in full screen or to maintain its original appearance, modify the image resolution, change the hue of the screen and modify the RGB levels, among other options.

✅ Very good design and very elegant ✅ Excellent materials, looks good quality ✅ Equipment turns out to be very comfortable to use and carry OL OLED screen of very good quality, vivid colors and high luminosity de High resolution screen compatible with HDR10 and Dolby Vision✅ Many options available to configure image quality


As we could see in the LG G6, here we will have a double camera and one of them has a wide-angle lens to capture landscapes and that are registered with a great image quality. At the rear we find a 16 megapixel sensor with an f / 1.6 aperture, 3-axis optical stabilization and laser-assisted autofocus. The second sensor is 13 megapixels, it does not have autofocus or optical stabilization, but it stands out for having an aperture of f / 1.9 and offering a wide-angle image.

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In the video section we will also find great functions, since it not only has the ability to record video in 4K quality at 30 frames per second, we will also find a Cinema Mode that will grant us several profiles so that the image quality adapts to the formats of image used in movies (in the video demonstration you will be able to see it in action) and in addition we will be able to function LG Cine Log, fulfilling the same function of the photographs in RAW format, but here it happens in video for greater flexibility in post-production .

Review LG V30 + 32

Finally we have its front camera that this time reaches 5 megapixels and has an aperture f / 2.2 and a wide angle so that when taking selfies everyone comes out in the picture.


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We are facing the most complete camera application in the market for smartphones, so explain and show you all its functions here, it would end tomorrow. For this reason I will leave you with a video demonstration of the most outstanding that the LG V30 + camera offers and thus know much of its interface.


Obviously we know that you want to see how the photographs capture the protagonist of this analysis, so then we will leave you with several photos taken in different light conditions and all in automatic mode with its maximum resolution. Some of them were taken with the wide angle lens that you can identify.


We also have videos that were captured with the V30 + in different resolutions. The first will be in 4K quality at 30 frames per second, while the second video is in Full HD quality at 60 frames per second. At the end of these two videos you will find a link to download a third video that is recorded in 4K, but with the LG Cine Log function so you can try it if you have the necessary tools.

4K 30fps video

60fps Full HD Video

Download recorded video with LG Cine Log

✅ Very good quality of the photographs ✅ Very good quality of the videos, including Hi-Fi audio ✅ Camera application is one of the most complete ✅ It allows to take photographs in RAW and videos in Cinema Log ✅ Second sensor with wide angle lens very useful for capturing landscapes

❌ You do not have the option to take pictures in portrait mode❌ Night photos lose definition


The LG V30 + comes from the factory with the Android 7.1.2 Nougat operating system which is customized by the proprietary LG interface that is known as UX 6.0+ which is very similar to the one we saw in the LG G6, but with some improvements . The Android security patch at the time of this review was updated as of November 2017.

Thanks to its powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, we will not encounter any type of lag or slowness while we are using the operating system. The customization layer made by LG is optimized enough to run almost perfectly. Of course, since this equipment is a variant for the South Korean market, you will find several applications and bloatware in Korean that will not help us at all. The good thing is that they can be disabled or deleted from the Applications menu.


When viewing this type of screen, it is normal for many people to wonder what happens in the case of applications, if they are seen in full screen or not, but the truth is that there is no problem, since many of the apps adapt correctly , and in case there is a problem, LG has a special section in the settings menu where you can modify the appearance.

Review LG V30 + 34

The videos in 16: 9 can be seen with black bars on the sides, but if you want you can modify the player so that the image is wider. However, in the application of YouTube The image format cannot be modified at this time.

Here I will leave you with a demonstration to see how fast and fluid this Android runs on this computer. Remember to activate on the player YouTube the option to watch the video at 60 frames per second.


Everything we've seen so far works thanks to its internal 3300 mAh battery capacity, which receives charge through its USB Type-C port. Of course we began to test the autonomy of its battery using the equipment as if it were ours and thus be able to tell you what it was about with a daily use.

Let's go with the detail:

Used applications: Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, Google Chrome, Google Now, Google Assistant, Apple Music, Netflix, Gmail, YouTube, Instagram, Telegram … among others.
Wearables connected: None
Active connectivity: Wi-Fi (5GHz), 3G / 4G, Bluetooth and GPS (occasionally)
Brightness of the screen: In automatic mode

With the use described above, the LG V30 + gave us a range of About 18 hours and about 6 hours of screen.

Review LG V30 + 35

✅ Very good performance and very fast ✅ Customization layer offers useful options, is easy to handle and very well optimized Android Android security patch updated to date ✅ Good battery life

❌ To date it should already be updated to Android Oreo


The V30 + has a proprietary audio player to play your Hi-Fi music with the highest possible quality thanks to its integrated Quad DAC. We will also find a video player accessible from the Gallery and that will be able to play our videos on its OLED screen.


As we mentioned earlier, here we will find an LG player that will allow us to take advantage of our Hi-Fi music that we have (in the audio section I will tell you more about this topic). With it you can create and manage playlists, you can also access a five-band equalizer and surround audio effects.


We will also find the proprietary video player of LG, which is quite complete in functions, giving us the possibility to transmit our videos via DLNA to our compatible devices (as well as music) and you can also create GIF's based on your videos or activate the player in the background.


Our protagonist is one of the first to incorporate an advanced 32-bit Quad DAC that will control the signals of each headset separately by adjusting the balance to have the best Hi-Fi sound. It also has the collaboration of the prestigious Bang & Olufsen (B&O) brand that will grant the hearing aids that come with the equipment.

The sound quality obtained through the 3.5mm connection of the equipment, in my opinion is quite good, since both the bass and treble are very well appreciated and an excellent definition. However, the volume power cannot be seen in 100% activated with the Bang & Olufsen (B&O) hearing aids, since according to my perspective, the volume reaches up to approximately 80% of its total power, which when using another type of headphones does not occur.

However, if we use stereo Bluetooth headphones, we will have a very good sound quality and high volume power. It is also 100% compatible with the Apt-X codec, even with Apt-X HD that will greatly improve the sound quality, in addition to having all the advantages that the new Bluetooth 5.0 delivers.


In this equipment we will only find a single speaker located at the bottom, so we will have MONO sound. However, the sound quality is quite good, appreciating the bass and treble sounds very well, as well as sounding quite loud.

Obviously when we are already reaching the maximum volume, the bass sounds decrease to prevent the sound from becoming saturated, which is completely normal.

✅ Excellent sound quality bien Very complete audio and video player D Quad DAC 32-bit / 192kHz ✅ Audio with B&W technology ✅ Speaker sounds pretty good and loud ✅ Bluetooth compatible with Apt-X and Apt-X HD

❌ Built-in B&O headphones are not up to the audio system of the equipment ❌ He missed stereo speakers ❌ No FM Radio


I confess that I didn't have much faith in the LG V30 + because I thought it would be very similar to the LG G6, but I was totally wrong because it is SUPERIOR to the G6.

And it is that its P-OLED type screen is quite good, with excellent quality in colors, definition and luminosity, in addition to giving you really deep black colors, something that with IPS is impossible to perform. LG also incorporated several functions and settings that allow you to get even more out of this screen.

Review LG V30 + 38

On camera I also liked it a lot, and not only because of the excellent image quality in photographs and videos, but also because of the excellent work LG does in its application, without a doubt one of the most complete in the mobile market. Unfortunately it does not have the famous portrait mode, but we hope LG will do its thing for 2018.

It is undoubtedly a very complete team, it has a very elegant design that is comfortable to use and quite thin, almost perfect performance and excellent battery life. Unfortunately, it still does not receive Android Oreo, but we hope it will happen soon. And a jerk of ears to LG Chile for NOT bringing the V30 officially to Chile, is undoubtedly one of its best smartphones, they missed an excellent opportunity to continue conquering the Chilean market.


If you liked the new LG V30 + when you saw this review, then go for yours in ProMovil, where you will not only find the V30 + that we test, you will also find the normal V30 model. So you can go right now to and acquire yours.

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Of course we can't stop thanking our friends for ProMovil who provided us with this unit to bring you this complete analysis, since without them it would have been impossible to review this model that unfortunately will not officially arrive in Chile.

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– ProMovil– Nelson Salazar (team photographs)