REVIEW: Minecraft Dungeons

by Kelvin
Minecraft dungeons destaque

Minecraft Dungeons is a new take on the construction game world, putting you in a very charming action RPG

Minecraft it is a phenomenon, without a doubt. The game, which has its origins in browsers back in 2009, became a very strong cultural wave from the beginning of the last decade until now. Youtubers launch themselves to success playing it while others, already successful for a long time, now reinvent themselves also playing it, especially now with the release of Minecraft Dungeons.

However, as much as the game has infinite possibilities within what is proposed, it is an obvious question that still has limits in gameplay, like any game. THE Microsoft, current owner of the brand, then reached a decision that, at first, seems strange: to launch a spin off of the franchise, focusing on another style of gameplay.


Minecraft Dungeons represents the first time that the brand leaves its creative roots and enters a game that is completely ready-made, with very little player input, being another game along the lines of action RPGs like diablo. Did the mixture work?

Short game, artificial durability

The main campaign of Minecraft Dungeons, or the minimum you must play to unlock all game functions, lasts 4 hours if you know what you’re doing. During these hours, the player is introduced to the most diverse mechanics, and, mainly, explores 13 stages with layouts randomly generated, killing enemies and collecting items to improve your character.

Up to this point, the description really resembles other action RPGs a lot, but I think they stop there. Your character has enormous flexibility on what type of fighter to be, depending on 100% of the items you have equipped on him. Not relying on a class system, as in other games of the genre, makes this a simpler experience, and this is much more noticeable with the equipment as well.

Instead of having to hunt down a particular enemy to make him drop the sword you want, the game presents you with the same sword many times, but with a different strength number and with some unique power. This pseudo-variety makes searching for new items much more tedious, and all of this cooperates to create such a artificial durability.

The concept of artificial durability is something that for a few years now has been talked about a lot in game publications and reviews. By creating more difficult situations to happen, which will provide some incredible reward later, the developers keep the player’s engagement with the title for longer, and may even incline him to buy extra content more easily by promising to help on the way to such a piece. .

At the end, the initial 4 hours of Minecraft Dungeons they turned 12 with me, who without realizing it was lost in the hunt for a sword with the combination of powers I wanted. And even so, playing more than 8 hours longer than I anticipated the feeling is a bit bittersweet, as despite being with really good weapons there was no real content to use these acquired skills.

Simple but nice graphics

Minecraft Dungeons 3

For game evaluation, we use the version for the Xbox one original from 2013 and in the Xbox Series S, the new input console from Microsoft released just under a month ago. The graphics haven’t undergone major changes, as the visual style of the Minecraft world is hardware-independent to be beautiful, a hit there from its original version. The big difference here is the frame rate, as in Xbox one original, the game ran at less than 30FPS, while in the Series S the game was stuck at 60FPS.

Playing on both consoles practically means playing two different games. While on Xbox One the Minecraft Dungeons suffers at all times when multiple enemies were on screen, getting an extremely slower reaction and often suffering unnecessary damage in the Xbox Series S I flew through the phases, having full control over each of my actions and plans.

It’s likely that if you have a Xbox One X, the game also runs like the Series S, maybe even better. But if you have the One S or the original One, you might as well wait for another opportunity to test the game on Microsoft consoles.

In terms of music, the game maintains the mood of pleasant music when walking through the green fields or the various mining centers, but in serious moments it gets pretty dramatic. But none of the tracks stand out or are memorable, making them easily forgettable.


I’m hardened with action RPGs, my teenage years can be summed up in hours of diablo at dawn. I like the genre, and I’m always curious to see what new releases can bring. Minecraft Dungeons it may be, in the end, the most “simple” version of the genre available, but one that can still hold players a lot. Carrying on the wave of success of its original version, the game certainly deserves attention, even for a short time without first entering its artificial durability.

My main caveat, however, is how he could have done a better job of hunting the items. Artificial durability is something that bothers me a lot, especially when you find yourself completing tasks for no specific reason.

Minecraft Dungeons game is available for Xbox One (and also runs on Xbox Series X and S), PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC (Windows).

  • Gameplay – 9/10

  • History – 6/10

  • Sound – 8/10

  • Visual – 9/10



Grabbing your sword, explore the world of Minecraft like never before in a charming new action RPG.


fun gameplay

varied powers


artificial durability

Although the scenarios are randomly generated, repeating themes quickly tires