REVIEW: Monster Hunter Stories 2 – Another great JRPG for Switch

by Kelvin
Review: monster hunter stories 2 - mais um excelente jrpg para o switch. Monster hunter stories 2 é com toda certeza um dos maiores acertos da capcom nos últimos anos.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 is certainly one of Capcom’s biggest hits in recent years.

Capcom is bringing a wave of excellent games in the most diverse areas. With Monster Hunter Stories 2, the company gets it right once again, this time with the continuation of one of its most beloved franchises, but with a different battle system, by turns. The game mixes monster collection elements, similar to Pokémon, but with several innovations that make it something totally new, and best of all: fully translated into Portuguese.

the successor of the legend

In this new adventure we are the grandson or granddaughter of the legendary Red Assembler who is in a ceremonial. However, on the side of the island, a young woman runs in the middle of the forest, hiding from a group of hunters. She then encounters a reddish dragon, which gives the girl an egg. The hunters reappear and attack the two, causing the dragon to defend itself and take flight. A little later, we discover that the hunters are looking for the Ratha Overpowering, who, according to legend, brings with him the Wings of Ruin, which can destroy the world.


This is the starting point of Monster Hunter Stories 2. Almost every moment we are reminded that we are the relative of someone who is very important to the village. Also, our character is said to have just become an Editor, and he is now accompanied by his teacher, Kayna. Together they will carry out some missions to understand the reasons why some Monsties act in an unnatural way. And right on the first mission, they meet Navirou, a Feline who also wants to know what’s going on. The three then come together and the cute kitten serves as the voice of the main character, as he is mute during the journey.

The way the story is told is very cool, and with many flashbacks, since there is a very strong relationship between our hero and his grandfather, who is quite charismatic. The other characters present in the adventure are also very nice, and makes you want to know more about them.

Go, PokéBo…. Monstie!!!

In Monster Hunter Stories 2 we use the monsters in the battle. They can be obtained in the form of eggs in caves around the world. These caves can be divided into common and special, those with rarer and more powerful monsters. They can appear randomly on the map, so it’s possible to forget about the main quest and keep venturing among them in search of the perfect little monster. We can more or less get a sense of the quality of the creature inside the egg thanks to Navirou’s warning.

Even among the same monsters, there are several differences between them, the main one being a field of nine points where we can activate genes, which are passed from monster to monster. Some of them may come with these locked points, so it’s always nice to have several of the same ones, to find the best possible option.

All monsters on the team gain equal experience, even those that don’t participate in battles, making training easier. So don’t be shy about having several of the same type and then selecting the best one to be part of your team.

fighting with your monstie

Unlike the Pokémon franchise, in Monster Hunter Stories 2 we struggle with our monstie. For this it is necessary to buy or forge the best equipment for the main character. And that’s definitely one of the funnest things to do in the game. Hunting down certain items to make that armor that will help in a specific battle is awesome. The main reason for this is that to create an armor, we need a piece of monster tail, so we have to hunt it in order to finally conquer that desired piece.

And how we fight in partnership with our monstie favorite, we have to assemble the best strategy to overcome powerful enemies. Navirou occasionally gives pitacos and tips, which makes it easier when fighting certain enemies. Also, depending on the chosen move, we can double hit with our creatures, which deals more damage to the opponent.

The combat is in turns and is based on the classic system of Paper, Stone and Scissors, I explain: Fast Attack beats Strong Attack, which beats Strategic Attack, which beats Fast Attack. This also applies to the various special abilities of the monsters and from our Assembler. I say here that this system is one of the most fun I’ve had the pleasure of playing in recent times and also one of the most strategic I’ve seen. How can we see what our monstie and our teammates will do it, we can coordinate as needed, giving a gigantic depth to the fights.

Another nice thing to be able to do is vary between the types of weapons available. Particularly I used a giant sword, a big hammer, and bow and arrow. like the monsters they can be changed at will, thus giving another important strategic element to combat. Also in it, every time we leave the village, we have a total of 3 hearts that can be used, that is, each time our character or our monstie is lifeless, we lose a heart and the newly fallen regains life. To recover just go to town again and you’re done. To make it much easier, there is the Gatovan system, which takes us to certain points on the map.

During the journey, it will be common to find certain points of interest scattered around the map. Things like vines, jumping stones, water, holes and others. All these things can be explored as the monstie used. For example, the first creature received in the game has the ability to jump freely and access locations that others cannot. That’s why it’s important to have a very varied team, which greatly increases the replayability of several game sessions.

but what a beautiful island

One of the first things that impacted me in Monster Hunter Stories 2 was the beauty of the scenery and the monsters. The quality of everything is beautiful, from the houses, open sceneries with rivers, many trees and different types of monsters. The game uses a semi-open world system linked by regions, which gives a great depth to everything. Also, there are monster caves and lairs that appear randomly. This is one of those games where you can forget about the main story and get lost exploring everything out there.

Another very beautiful thing is the special effects when we use mounted moves with our monsters. If the current creature has wings it will fly, if it’s terrestrial it will run, and so on. You can also double strike with your partner at the time. These blows blow the opponent up, and are extremely well done. It’s impossible not to compare to Pokémon, but at least for me, Monster Hunter has managed to do better than the Nintendo franchise.

However, all this beauty costs on the loading screens. If you’re used to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X waiting time, you might get a little frustrated with the performance of Monster Hunter Stories 2 at the Nintendo Switch. There were several moments where the transition of areas took a while, or the screen locked between a scene in the story and stayed a few seconds like that before entering the battle. Nothing to bother, but it’s always good to point out this situation.

Sound in the box

In addition to having nailed the graphics of Monster Hunter Stories 2, Capcom made the game’s soundtrack also magnificent. With orchestrated music that fills the soul and creates the perfect atmosphere for adventure. She was in charge of Masahiro Ohki, Yuko Miyata and Marika Suzuki, all starting their journey in the area. The sounds of the blows given by the monsters and for humans it was great too. Not to mention the roars given during special moves. Everything here pleased me in a way that I hadn’t seen for a long time.

Another important point to mention is the fact that the main dialogue scenes in the game are fully dubbed, in English and Japanese, however, finally, there is the option to play with Portuguese subtitles. I confess that at first I was a little strange to see the names of the moves in our language, but after a few hours I just enjoyed the game.

Monster Hunter Stories 2

Overall, Monster Hunter Stories 2 is an excellent game. If you are looking for an adventure that is sure to hold you for many, many hours, give the title a try. With turn-based combat that’s easy to learn and a captivating story, he’s sure to join the select group of great roleplaying games that are available on the Nintendo Switch. Besides all that, the fact that you can enjoy everything in Portuguese, and be able to battle it out with friends, makes it one of the great games of the year.

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