REVIEW: Motorola Edge+ brings the best to those who love the brand

by Kelvin
REVIEW: Motorola Edge+ brings the best to those who love the brand

New Motorola Edge+ has a beautiful design with curved screen, very well designed interface and excellent battery, but at a higher price than expected

THE Motorola launched the smartphones Edge+ and edge in Brazil this Thursday (2nd), marking the company’s return to the market of smartphones premium. Edge+, the company’s first flagship in four years, arrives to compete with the smartphones Galaxy S20, from Samsung, and iPhone 11, gives Apple. Edge, a premium intermediate model, has a lower price and simpler specifications. The devices were presented in an event combined with a virtual tour.

both the Motorola Edge+ and Edge have high quality camera and processor specs, curved screens with infinite edges, long battery life, and the edge it also has 5G connectivity.


“We aim to offer the best and most advanced in smartphone technology and consumer experience.”

Thiago Masuchette, head of Motorola Brazil Products

The company also informed that all Edge line hardware and software was developed with the latest mobile engineering technology together with a mindset 5G. In Brazil, the Motorola Edge it has sub-6GHz connectivity, that is, it will not have the band mmWave, which promises the highest speeds.

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Design and Screen

The design of the Motorola Edge+ is stunningly beautiful, focused on simplicity and usability so that the device fits comfortably in your hands.

What is most eye-catching and eye-opening is the 6.7-inch screen, the largest Motorola has ever produced, which completely fills the front and has rounded edges, giving the impression of an “infinite edge”. According to the company, the angle of the edges reaches 90º, in a cascade-style design.

The tall, long screen is nice for reading content. In addition, it has a refresh rate of 90Hz, with color depth of 10 bits, which produces 64 times more colors than 8-bit screens. This means, in effect, more than a billion more color hues. All this with the certification HDR10+, which guarantees image quality and color accuracy.

The OLED display follows the curvature of the edge, which brings a series of features that allow interaction with this screen space. Dragging down once, for example, opens notifications. By dragging again, you see the settings. Dragging up you can see recent apps. And by dragging it up again you can see the app menu. Dragging inwards gives you access to shortcuts, contacts and tools. Borders also light up to signal notifications.

Curved edges are also explored in the Moto Gametime, a unique feature of smartphones Motorola. It automatically recognizes when you’re playing, blocking interruptions and providing access to apps with a dedicated in-game menu. The feature allows you to enable two additional touch sensitive virtual buttons on the top edge when the screen is horizontal.

According to the head of products at Motorola Brazil, Thiago Masuchette, the infinite edge and its functions have no significant impact on smartphone battery consumption.

As much as they are beautiful and functional, they sometimes get in the way by giving way to unwanted touches of your fingers or palm while you use your smartphone. The good news is that the Motorola Edge+ brings the function to disable this curved part of the display, in the Moto app that is already installed at the factory, leaving only the flat part of the screen active.

O Motorola Edge+ it has a glass finish on the back, which also bears the company’s logo just to maintain the harmony of the design, as the digital sensor has been moved to the device’s screen. Also on the back is a camera kit that gives the smartphone a professional look.

At the top is the 3.5mm jack for headphones and the front has a crafted aluminum finish. However, the smartphone’s structure does not have protection against water and splashes.


O Motorola Edge+ it has a triple camera system. According to Motorola, the purpose of the system is to bring the quality of professional camera features through the combination of advanced hardware and software.

The Motorola Edge+ triple camera system consists of:

  • A main lens, with a 108 MP sensor (which in principle produces 27 MP images, combining 4 pixels into 1, but the user can take pictures using the 108 MP available) and a focal length of f/1.8;
  • A wide-angle (ultra-wide) lens with 16MP sensor, built-in Macro Vision, 117° aperture angle and f/2.2 focal length;
  • A telephoto lens with an 8MP sensor, up to 3x optical zoom and a focal length of f/2.4;
  • 25MP front camera.

The 108MP main sensor uses Quad pixel technology, which combines four pixels to form a giant pixel, providing four times the sensitivity in low-light environments. The new long exposure functionality allows for apertures of up to 32 seconds, absorbing more light at night and capturing effects such as blurry images and light trails.

Telephoto lens with optical image stabilization captures details from a distance, with 3x optical zoom with high resolution. The ultra-wide-angle lens lets you frame up to four times as much scene in your photo. And the macro mode, integrated into the wide angle, puts you five times closer to the subject you are photographing, thus achieving extreme close-ups.

Time-of-flight (ToF) sensor allows fast laser focus in low light conditions. In addition, the cameras of the Motorola Edge+ are capable of recording videos up to 6K resolution, it is also possible to record videos in 4K, FullHD and HD. However, when recording in 6K, there is a 10-minute limit for two reasons: the file size and the device’s overheating, which terminates the camera application for safety.

The dual optical image stabilization system along with horizon correction ensures your video remains steady, level and smooth even when you’re on the move. Thanks to the portrait mode for video, you can add a blur to the background of the recording. And with the video snapshot feature, you can take a photo of up to 20MP while recording video.

But even though it is an advanced camera system, it still doesn’t compare to Samsung’s top-of-the-line systems. Galaxy S20+ and iPhone 11 Pro.

Hardware and Software

O Motorola Edge+ bring the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, which also equips the smartphones of the line Galaxy Samsung’s S20 in markets outside Brazil, and is considered the most powerful processor in the world, according to Motorola’s global marketing manager, Chris Francica. Micron DDR5 memory and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity also play a role in the device’s performance.

In conjunction with the smartphone’s 12GB RAM memory, the processor is ultra responsive and consumes less battery. The 256GB of internal storage (UFS 3.0) offers plenty of space for apps, music, movies, series, whatever you want to store on the device.

Motorola also said it is committed to providing the consumer with the purest version of the Android operating system, with no unnecessary software layers and no duplicated applications. Therefore, the Android 10 embedded in Motorola Edge+ is a kind of “stock Android” with benefits, bringing a very well designed interface and wonderful animations. And the smartphone is guaranteed to update to Android 11.

The various customizations offered by Motorola, through the Moto app, are also very welcome. The application provides tips on the features that the smartphone and its operating system offer, such as the interactive screen (to read, respond and interact with notifications without having to unlock the device), how the lights on the edges work (to indicate alarms, notifications and calls received) and suggestions on how to use the Google Assistant.

The app also offers the “Moto Actions” function, which allows you to set up simple gestures and quick touch interactions to help with everyday tasks.

drums and sound

O Motorola Edge+ has a “super battery” of 5000 mAh, the biggest of all smartphones available on the market, according to the company. Also according to the manufacturer, the battery lasts up to two days of use without needing to be charged.

The smartphone also features ultra-fast TurboPower charging, wired and wireless, with a system that delivers hours of battery life in just a few minutes of charging. And you can even share the charge with other devices using reverse wireless charging technology.

In relation to the sound, the Motorola Edge+ it has two stereo speakers, which guarantee 60% more power than the 2019 models. The company also implemented audio processing software from the waves, a company that has already won a technical award from the Grammy Awards, for louder and more powerful audio on your smartphone.

But as much as Motorola’s new smartphone is compatible with wired and wireless headphones, the phone that comes with the device is average.

Motorola Edge: quality at (a little) lower price

O Motorola Edge it is the premium mid-range model in the line, with some simpler specifications.

While bringing the 6.7-inch screen and audio system as the Edge+, the Motorola Edge is equipped with the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 765, with 5G connectivity at sub-6 GHz frequency, 4500mAh battery and a triple camera system with a 64MP main lens, a 16MP wide angle with Macro Vision and an 8MP telephoto lens.

Price and availability

In Brazil, the Motorola Edge+ is available in Thunder Gray color by BRL 7,999. This is a higher price than expected, especially considering Samsung’s competitors Galaxy S20 Ultra (in fact, Showmetech has already published a review about the top of the line Samsung) and the iPhone 11 Pro (Showmetech also published a review about the smartphones gives Apple).

already the Motorola Edge, available in Solar Black and Midnight Red, is available by BRL 5,499.

In the pre-sale held by Motorola, which runs until this Friday (3rd), whoever buys one of the new smartphones Edge line will win a pair of Earbuds, which are Motorola wireless headphones.

Take the opportunity to check out the hands-on of the new Motorola Edge+ on our channel of YouTube:

Motorola Edge+ Technical Specifications

ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 865
Full HD OLED Display
90Hz refresh rate
built-in digital sense
rear camerasTriple Camera:
108MP f/1.8 – Main
16MP f/2.2 117° – Wide Angle (ultra-wide) with Macro Vision
8MP f.2.4 – Telephoto lens
zoom3x optical zoom
Cameras (videos)6K, 4K, FullHD and HD
Frontal camera25MP f/2.0
RAM memory12GB
Internal storage256GB
audioStereo sound (two speakers)
USB-C inputYes
SystemAndroid 10 (with guaranteed update for Android 11)
ColorsThunder Gray (dark gray)
PriceBRL 7,999

Source: Motorola Brazil