Review Nokia 3


We have the privilege of having in our hands one of the three models with which Nokia Finland wants to return to the world smartphones. I mean Nokia 3 The new, the protagonist of our analysis today.

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We will be lucky to test Nokia 3, 5 and 6, but this week we will start first with the entry products that Nokia will offer from June in our country in reference to Nokia 3, Smartphone that has a very attractive design and with materials that are valued with good quality.

Nokia 3 stands out because it has a 5-inch IPS LCD screen with HD resolution protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5, while inside you will find a quad-core MediaTek processor and is accompanied by 2 GB of RAM, while the internal memory expands to 16 GB with a MicroSD card up to 256 GB.

As for the camera, we will find the main 8 megapixel f / 2.0 sensor with autofocus and LED flash, in addition to recording HD 720p video at 30 frames per second. The front camera also has a resolution. 8 MP with f / 2.0 aperture and also has autofocus. Everything is controlled by Android 7.0 Nougat and powered by 2,560 mAh batteries, in addition to being compatible with all networks in Chile.

We benefit from welcoming you to the world smartphones to our new friend in Nokia Chile And also thanks for trusting us and giving us the privilege of being one of the first to test your equipment.

Let's see the review!

Design and display

Our protagonist has a design that at a glance you will feel that you have a high-end smartphone, because the material is of very good quality, as well as being very comfortable when you carry it in your hand.

Check Nokia 3 2 "width =" 2133 "height =" 1600

On the front we will find an IPS 5-inch LCD screen with an HD resolution of 1280 Γ— 720 pixels and is protected by the latest Corning protection, referring to Gorilla Glass 5. The image quality it offers is quite good, with brilliant colors. and very good definition, in addition to having a high enough brightness.

Check Nokia 3 3 "width =" 2133 "height =" 1600

On this side we will also find at the bottom of the three tactile navigation buttons (without backlight), while on the upper side we will see the front camera and headphones, as well as light and proximity sensors.

The back of Nokia 3 made of plastic, but this shows that it is of good quality, as it does not feel like cheap plastic with poor quality, which is much appreciated. On this side we will see the β€œNOKIA” logo, while at the top we will see the main camera accompanied by an LED flash.

Check Nokia 3 6 "width =" 2133 "height =" 1600

The sides of Nokia 3 made entirely of metal, which is a little hard to believe if I'm talking about incoming calls. At the top we will see a headphone jack and a second microphone, on the left we will find NanoSIM and MicroSD card slots, on the right we have an aluminum key to control the volume and power of the equipment, while at the bottom we will see speakers, MicroUSB port and main microphone.

The outfit is standard sized so that anyone, male or female, feels very comfortable and very slim. The dimensions are: 143.4 x 71.4 x 8.5 mm and it is quite light, it does not give problems when it is carried in a pocket, especially if you use it with one hand.

βœ” Excellent design βœ” Developed with good materials βœ” Good quality screen, with good color and definition βœ” A screen protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 5

❌ The front touch button has no backlight


Nokia 3 have front and rear cameras, both 8 megapixels, both with f / 2.0 aperture and both have autofocus. However, the rear sensor has an LED flash and will be responsible for taking 720p HD quality videos at up to 30 frames per second.

Check Nokia 3 7 "width =" 2133 "height =" 1600

When you first launch the camera app, you will find a Nokia proprietary interface where you will find virtual buttons to capture images, record videos, enable or disable flash, timer, enable HDR, and options to switch to the front camera. We will also see a direct access to access the photos or videos taken.

Check Nokia 3 8 "width =" 1280 "height =" 720

Then we can find a configuration menu where we will see different tools that will help us take photos. For example, we can activate a compass that will appear in the main interface and help us to orient ourselves. We can also activate the altimeter and leveler, both of which can work together with the compass on the main screen.

Check Nokia 3 9 "width =" 350 "height =" 622

But that's not all, dear readers, you can also configure the capture settings, you can choose between "Detect scenes", "Default" or "Custom". If you choose the latter option, various manual settings will appear on the main screen so that you can control the ISO, focus, white balance and exposure values.

You can also add fully personalized text watermarks for yourself or choose up to five default signatures. You can choose what the volume buttons will do, activate the shutter sound, activate the rule of thirds in the viewfinder, activate geolocation, and choose photo resolution or video quality.

In the β€œHardware, System, and Battery” section of this review, you will find videos where you can see the interface of the working camera.

Then I leave you with a gallery of evidence photos captured by our protagonist with all the settings in automatic mode and in their maximum resolution. After the gallery, you will find the test videos recorded in the highest possible quality, that is, in 720p HD at 30 fps.

βœ” The camera application is very complete and with useful functions βœ” The quality of the photo of the day can be received according to its ranges βœ” Acceptable video quality, including sound

❌ Night photos come out with a lot of camera noise. Both cameras should be as quiet as possible to avoid blur.

Hardware, system and battery

Check Nokia 3 12 "width =" 2133 "height =" 1600

Nokia 3 has a MediaTek MT6737 quad-core processor that runs at 1.4GHz, 28nm speeds and runs on 64-bit, which has a Mali-720 MP2 GPU and RAM of up to 2GB. 16 GB of internal storage, up to 10 GB for users, which can be expanded with MicroSD cards of up to 128 GB.

As for connectivity, this device can connect to the following networks:

3G NETWORK: 850/900/1700 AWS / 1900/2100
4G NETWORK: B2, B3, B4 AWS, B7 CHILE, B12, B17, B28 CHILE and B38
LTE Category 4 150/50 Mbps: Does not support 4G +
Compatible with WOM, Entel, Claro and Movistar networks.

It is also compatible with Wi-Fi networks. 2.4 and 5 GHz, as well as with Bluetooth and NFC devices, as well as A-GPS and MicroUSB (USB) 2.0 ports, compatible with USB On-The-Go.

All of the above is operated by the Android 7.0 Nougat operating system, which is 100% pure because it does not have a customization layer. Thanks to this, Nokia promised to keep its equipment updated to the level of Google Pixel, and so far they will keep their words, because Nokia 3 that we should try to update with the April Android security patch.

Check Nokia 3 13 "width =" 350 "height =" 622

I will leave you below the video where I will show you how to connect Nokia 3 recently, in addition to being able to see how the operating system runs on this computer:

All of the above works thanks to the ability to draw power from the internal battery. 2,630 mAh, which we tested with completely normal use.

Let's continue with the details:

App used: Twitter, Facebook, MessengerGoogle Chrome, Google Now, Spotify, Google Music, Gmail, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp and Telegram.
Connected clothing products: Nothing
Active connectivity: Wi-Fi (5GHz), 4G LTE, Bluetooth and A-GPS
Brightness of the screen: Automatic

With the use described above, Nokia 3 managed to give me a number 14 hour around and 6 hour the screen

Note: The equipment comes from a factory that is configured to allow energy savings by having a 15% battery

Check Nokia 3 14 "width =" 350 "height =" 622

Additional technical details of the equipment.

The manufacturer: HMD – NokiaModel: Nokia 3 – TA-1028Initial state: UsedOpen the box: Not available

βœ” Excellent performance βœ” Updated operating system and security patches to date βœ” 100% pure Android βœ” Compatible with all networks in Chile βœ” Acceptable battery life

Multimedia and audio

With Nokia 3 you can listen to all your favorite music stored on your computer using Google Music, because that will be the default audio player you will find. With it, you can create and manage playlists and access the audio streaming services offered by Google through this player. You can also access the five-band equalizer and surround audio effects.

We will also have a Nokia FM radio tuner that will give you excellent signal reception, sound quality and is fully compatible with the RDS system so you have additional information about the station, song or program you are listening to.

Check Nokia 3 17 "width =" 350 "height =" 622

As for the videos, we will use the Google Photos application, which also acts as an image gallery. Although the interface and features they offer are fairly basic, it perfectly delivers on what it promises. However, on Google Play you will find better players.

Check Nokia 3 18 "width =" 1280 "height =" 720


Sound quality obtained through the integrated 3.5mm jack, according to my wishes, turned out well despite the fact that everything will depend on the type of headphones you are using. It has good bass and good treble. Of course, the force of the volume is not activated at 100%, because in my perspective, the volume is limited to 80%.

But the problem changes when using Bluetooth stereo headphones, because the sound is quite good and the active power volume is 100% of its power. Unfortunately it is not compatible with the Apt-X codec.

Check Nokia 3 19 "width =" 2133 "height =" 1600

Nokia 3 only has one speaker and is located on the bottom of the device. The calculated volume is quite high, but the sound quality is not enough to convince me. In my opinion, the speaker offers a more central and high-pitched sound, while the bass is not appreciated, which may not be pleasant to listen to.

βœ” Good sound quality through wired headphones and via Bluetoothβœ” Has FM radioβœ” Offers everything you need for the multimedia area

❌ The power volume on the wired headphones is speaker The sound quality of the speaker is not entirely good video Very basic video player ❌ Stereo Bluetooth is not Apt-X compatible

Conclusions and availability.

Nokia 3 is a smartphone that is quite complete for its segment, because it is a letter that Nokia must conquer for those who want to have a computer to connect through social networks and instant messaging applications, because in that area the protagonists behave pretty well according to my own experience.

Although you will find us with a very fast performance of high-end smartphones, here you will have something stable and most of the time you will find fluidity in your system. Apart from that, Nokia 3 will conquer you with the design it has, because at first glance it seems to be a high-end middle-class device.

The camera has a very complete interface in terms of function, the image quality of the photographs is good and is consistent with the range that suits this equipment. I will not tell you if it is good or not, because I prefer that you conclude with the test photos that I published.

Both the screen and the performance and durability of the batteries, I really liked it, I was even impressed when at Nokia I was told that the screen had a Corning Gorilla Glass 5, something I did not expect at all. It also has the latest and updated Android with an April security patch. In fact, Nokia assured me that their equipment will stay up-to-date at the same rate as Google Pixels, something that many, including me, will like.

When can I buy a Nokia 3 this is?

This equipment will be available from June and can be purchased with Entel and Movistar operators, and also in stores. retailer. The price will be CLP $ 129,990.