Review of Ticwatch Pro smart watches: on Android Wear, up to 30 days of work, and even the Chinese manufacturer

by Kelvin
Review of Ticwatch Pro smart watches: on Android Wear, up to 30 days of work, and even the Chinese manufacturer

Today we look at the smart watches from Mobvoi – Ticwatch Pro, which are currently the most advanced and functional of all the company's watches.

A little about the manufacturer
The Chinese company Mobvoi specializes in the production of smart watches, both on its own operating system Ticwear OS (developed on the basis of the Android system) and on Android Wear. Has a websitewhere you can see the product, read about it and purchase it. Also have your own store on Aliexpress.




In addition to the clock itself and the docking station for charging, there is also a multilingual instruction.

The watch is available in two color variations:


Watch weight – 77 grams.

Comparison with Ticwatch E and S:

More detailed comparison (including with other models of the manufacturer) can be read here.

The watch case is made of rough plastic, with a metallic rim on top. Build quality is excellent. The manufacturer declares that in the manufacture of watches 316L steel type 1.4404 is used, which has passed the quality check according to international standards and complies with EN1811: 2011.

On the right are two physical buttons, and between them is a microphone.

The top button, with a short single press, brings the clock out of “sleep” mode, opens the application list or returns to the dial interface. A long press launches the voice assistant.

The bottom button, with a short single press, launches the application (by default, the application for monitoring physical activity “TicExercise” is launched, but you can configure it to launch any other application), with a short double press starts the application for payment and with a long press starts the context menu (in which you can turn on the power saving mode, turn off or restart the clock, or program the launch of a specific application with a short single press).

At the back is a speaker, an optical heart rate sensor, and a charging contact.

The base of the strap is made of pleasant to the touch and well bending silicone, with a leather insert on top, which gives it a more solid look. According to the manufacturer, the strap has passed international control on allergens according to the ISO10993-10 standard. The width of the strap is 22mm. If necessary, it can be easily replaced.

The watch is equipped with a two-layer 1.39-inch AMOLED and FSTN-display, which is one of the main features.

There are several display modes (smart, hybrid and energy saving mode), in the latter mode, the watch will work up to 30 days from a single battery charge (only the FSTN display works, the screen displays time, month, date, number of steps taken and heart rate, communication with phone missing).

The sensitivity and readability (including in the sun) of both displays are excellent. There are 5 brightness modes for the AMOLED display and auto mode. I was pleased that the automatic brightness mode works correctly and most optimally selects the brightness depending on the lighting conditions.

The “sleep” mode is exited (in smart or hybrid mode) by using Touchez on the display, by pressing a physical button or by raising your hand (you can disable the screen activation functions by using Touchez or when raising your hand). It is possible to lock the display (so that unlocking occurs only by pressing a physical button). You can also lock the screen with a pattern, PIN, or password.

After 30 seconds of inactivity in any menu (in the interface of the dial after 5 seconds), AMOLED is turned off and the FSTN display (in hybrid mode) is turned on, which displays the time, number, date, number of steps taken and heart rate. Or in smart mode, after 10 seconds, the AMOLED display switches to the “simplified” mode of the selected watch style (black and white characters without animation).

Work with the application
First of all, you need to install the Wear OS app on your phone and synchronize it with your watch.

In the application you can:

  • change the dials (this can be done on the watch);
  • Configure applications whose notifications will come on the clock;
  • View a list of installed applications and the remaining amount of free memory;
  • monitor the battery discharge schedule of the watch;
  • Set up Google Assistant
  • other things.

Application Screenshots:

To monitor physical activity, you must download the Mobvoi application (fully in English). In the application, you can watch detailed information regarding physical activity, its duration, calories burned, distance traveled, number of steps, and so on.

Connecting to both applications is instant.

Application Screenshots:

General information and features

  • At the time of writing, the watch runs on Wear OS 2.6.
  • The watch has 4GB of internal memory, of which 1.88GB is available to the user.
  • When you turn on the watch for the first time, you are prompted to select the menu language, but in the future, the language will depend on which language is installed on the phone. If Ukrainian is installed as a system on the phone, the clock will be English, but if Russian is installed as the system, it will also be on the clock. Some menu items and applications are not translated into Russian (displayed in English), however this does not cause any discomfort.

When swipe up, a menu with notifications opens.

Swipe down brings up a menu with access to all settings, as well as the ability to turn on / off the sound, find the phone, turn on the flashlight (the screen glows white at maximum brightness), lock the display (the FSTN display turns on and you can unlock it only by pressing the button), turn on the mode "Do not disturb" and the "airplane" mode. The battery charge is also displayed and whether the watch is connected to the phone.

Swipe to the right opens a menu with a Google assistant.

When swiping to the left, information is displayed with the number of steps taken, calories burned and mileage.

  • The watch is initially available with 26 dials, however, if you wish, you can download / buy more than 1000 dials for free.
  • There is a function of automatic measurement of heart rate in 24/7 mode (every 10 minutes).
  • The pedometer works accurately, deviations are about 2-3 per 100 steps.
  • When you raise your hand, the display turns on quickly (you can watch it in the video review, from 3:05).
  • The speaker of the watch does not differ in prohibitive volume, but it is quite enough for typical tasks (reproduction of speech and music, alarm clock and notifications).
  • Without connecting to the phone, it takes up to a minute to initialize the GPS clock (sometimes satellites “satellites” up to 10 seconds), depending on the location.
  • The watch is protected by IP68 (1.5m, 30 minutes), that is, it is waterproof, but it is not recommended to use it under water. It is also not recommended to swim / take a shower in them.
  • Using the watch, you can make and answer calls (or reject). The microphone is very sensitive, the interlocutor hears perfectly even if the watch is at arm's length. The interlocutor is clearly audible in silence, but in the noise you have to bring the watch closer to your ear. You can also send messages and reply to them (it is very convenient to do this verbally, using the voice assistant).
  • I liked the fact that the watch receives calls, messages and other notifications even if applications are not running on the phone (Wear OS, Mobvoi). You can see how quickly the watch reacts to the message and the call in the video review, starting at 2:35.
  • You can customize the control (flipping) of the menu items using gestures (wrist movement).
  • The watch has three types of vibration (normal, long and double). Vibration is not super-strong, but if the watch is normally tightened on the arm it feels good. If necessary, you can disable it.
  • When the alarm goes off, a sound signal and vibration are emitted (you can only turn on the vibration / sound signal) and you can either turn it off or postpone it for 10 minutes.
  • There are 3 font sizes.
  • NFC works quickly and correctly, there are no problems with contactless payments.

Settings and more:

In hybrid mode, the battery lasts up to 5 days, with fairly active use it usually lasts for 2-3 days.
Battery saver lasts up to 30 days.

When the battery is low (less than 10%), the energy-saving mode (FSTN display) is activated.

Connection to the docking station is carried out using magnets, the watch sits firmly, does not fly off (you can see how firmly they sit in the video review, starting at 3:25).

If the dock is lost or something happens to it, you can separately purchase on Ali.

In an hour, the battery is charged at 75%, it takes exactly one and a half hours to fully charge.

Here's what a watch looks like on a hand:

Video review:

+ high-quality assembly and strap;
+ Android Wear OS;
+ two-layer display (AMOLED and FSTN);
+ the presence of NFC and GPS;
+ up to 30 days of operation in the operating mode of the FSTN display;
+ water resistance according to IP68;

– some items are not translated into Russian.

You can buy a watch here: