Review RAVPower FileHub: productivity even on the go!

by Kelvin

RAVPower FileHubReview RAVPower FileHub

Unboxing – RAVPower FileHub

The sales package is made of blue cardboard and the following equipment is present inside:

  • RAVPower FileHub;
  • instruction manual;
  • USB cable – Micro USB.

Construction and design

The design of the RAVPower FileHub it is very simple and linear. In fact, it has the appearance of a power bank thanks to its small size and rounded corners. To be more precise, the device measures 11.3 x 7.7 x 2.3 cm for a weight of only 198 grams. In short, it is the ideal travel companion since we can place it in the pockets of our backpack without it being bulky.


On the upper part we find various LEDs that indicate the operating status of the device, on the right side there is the power button, while on the left we see the SD slot, the button to backup files from the SD card to the device connected via USB and the key to switch between the 2.4 GHz network and the 5 GHz network or to activate both. Finally, at the top we find the USB, Micro USB input, the reset button and the RJ45 Ethernet port.

THE buttons present on the device can take different functions based on how many seconds they are pressed. Later I leave you the instructions:

  • Power button: turning on in Power Bank mode with a single press, turning on / off the Wi-Fi with a 3 second pressure;
  • SD button> USB: short press for data transfer;
  • 2.4 / 5 GHz button: 3 seconds pressure to switch from 2 GHz to 5 GHz, to activate them both just press again for another 3 seconds;
  • Reset button: short press with a pin on the reset button to restart the RAVPower FileHub.


The RAVPower FileHub place many functions and these make it a decidedly product versatile and perfect to take on the road. Here is everything you can do:

  • Power Bank: thanks to the 6700 mAh capacity it can charge an average smartphone for about one and a half times;
  • Transfer data between multiple devices: by generating a 2.4 or 5 GHz Wi-Fi network, the RAVPower FileHub will allow us to pass files from the SD to the smartphone / tablet (and vice versa), from the SD to a device connected via USB (and vice versa), from the SD / Pen drive / Hard disk to the notebook (and vice versa). Later we will explain how;
  • Streaming of music or videos: in fact we can connect a Chromecast to the hub and see the contents inside it;
  • Make backups from an SD to another device or to back up the photos of the smartphone or tablet;
  • Access Point mode: simply insert the Ethernet cable to transform this device;
  • Bridge mode.

After having talked about its functions, let's proceed calmly and analyze them in more detail. Starting from data exchange, this can mainly be done through software, but thanks to SD button> USB we can also perform backup / data transfer operations manually.

The first thing you need to do is install the app RAV FileHub on your smartphone or tablet, turn on the device and connect them together choosing the network "RAV-FileHub-2G-xxxx" or "RAV-FileHub-5G-xxxx" and entering the default password that you find in the instruction booklet. Once this step is done the game is done and you can start passing files between the various memories.

I must say that the exchange of data takes place rather quickly and even their reading through the smartphone is good. THE heavier videos (eg 700 MB) they need a short one buffering initial and some random reloading from time to time, but this also depends on the type of memory that is inserted in the hub. There external sharing carried out without saving on the smartphone, it takes a few minutes and if you miss the final destination and want to re-share the file you will have to wait for it to be processed again.

Since there are no similar alternatives I am however more than satisfied with the product and the timing, but what should be revised is actually the software, as it is functional but a little gaunt and backward from the aesthetic point of view and with some rather summary translations.

If you would like to use the PC for the management of file, you must first connect the two devices and then type in the browser "". Then you will simply have to leave "Admin" as a username and log in without entering a password.

In this case the page is even more backward compared to the application and, in my opinion, the operations turn out to be a little more cumbersome, but even in this case after having studied it a little you will be able to orient yourself discreetly.

Ok, now we have described the operation of the hub, but in everyday life how useful is it? I must say that I didn't think I felt so much need during my travels, but after trying it I think it's a fundamental device for the immediate sharing on social media or for data transfer between "smart" devices. For example my reflex does not own NFC and my smartphone it doesn't have it slot MicroSD, so the only way to move data quickly without the hassle of a PC is this RAVPower.

RAVPower FileHub

In the same way, if I want to have an emergency backup of the photos of the vacation I took with the smartphone without using the consumption data I can do it without problems.

Moving on to the features of access point / router is bridge, here too I found myself very well and the RAVPower FileHub has confirmed its qualities. The only flaw is the not being able to insert a SIM and make it work like soap, but I imagine that at that point the cost of the product would have risen.

To make it work in the Access Point mode for example, when you are in a hotel or university or other, just plug the Ethernet cable from the wall socket to the RAVPower FileHub and this will be configured automatically without having to change the settings (if you want you can still modify them manually and change the parameters as you like). In the same way you can connect it with the Ethernet cable to the modem and make it work in router mode.

Finally, if you have Wi-Fi uncovered areas in your home, you can use the hub as bridge. Also in this case you will not have to manually change the settings because everything will happen very easily. In the instruction manual you will find all the relevant information.

I want to conclude by saying that, although the RAVPower FileHub have only one USB port you can connect to it USB Hub external and manage for example 4 pen drives / hard drives simultaneously, as well as one SD card is various devices connected to the app.

In fact, by connecting multiple smartphones / tablets simultaneously to the FileHub we can easily exchange files as if it were a cloud.


As already mentioned above, the RAVPower FileHub owns a battery from 6700 mAh, which allows us to have a range of approx 8 hours if we use the hub with the 2.4 GHz band and about 6 hours with the 5 GHz.

RAVPower FileHub

The device can also work from power bank to recharge other terminals.

Conclusions – RAVPower FileHub

In conclusion the RAVPower FileHub it is a decidedly product Interesting is one of a kind. In fact, thanks to its functionality we will be able to carry out a multitude of operations without the need to carry a laptop on holiday with us.

The only comment we make a RAVPower is the one related to rejuvenation of the software, but otherwise I feel of recommend it strongly, especially to those who work with social media and need to quickly pass data from an SD to a smartphone.

The RAVPower FileHub is available on Amazon to 59.99 euros, a figure that may seem high, but that I personally would be willing to spend given the versatility of the product and the general quality (and lack of alternatives).

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