review, release, features and price

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review, release, features and price

This is undoubtedly one of the most important releases of the year, possibly the most prominent next to the annual renewal of the iPhone. We speak, of course, of Galaxy Note Samsung 10. The flagship of the South Korean manufacturer is already official, and in Technology from You to You we will tell you all its details so that you know this big guy better.

If you want to know in depth the news of this mobile designed to work thanks to its S Pen digital pen and that is already available in presale thanks to El Corte Inglés, follow us.


The frames disappear from view

The latest Samsung phones have been characterized by making use of screens with very, very thin frames, but not even the elegant Galaxy S10 reaches the ends of the new Note. In the case of a large telephone and where the usability the screen is everything, Samsung has equipped its largest phone with A design that will allow you to take advantage of your S Pen.

There will be two versions differentiated by their size. On one side will be the Galaxy Note 10 “small”, with a Super AMOLED panel with a diagonal of 6.3 inches (2280 × 1080), and on the other the largest Galaxy Note 10+, which grows to 6.8 inches (3040 × 1440). The 10-megapixel front camera moves to its own "island" to take better advantage of the surface, while The finger reader is hidden under the screen itself.

The result is a phone that looks like "all screen", with more space for icons and more profitable when taking notes.

Two models with power for everything

samsung galaxy note 10

In total Samsung will offer Two screen sizes. These two versions will then be added 5G models to take advantage of the new high-speed telecommunications networks, following the strategy deployed by Samsung with the Galaxy S10

Regardless of the model chosen, all Galaxy Note 10 have a new Exynos 9825 chipset designed by Samsung itself and manufactured with a new highly efficient process. Its performance should be comparable to that of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, so it will move at a very good level.

samsung galaxy note 10

The RAM will be 8 or 12 GB, so that even the heaviest applications are not choked. This is something important, since the Galaxy Note It is fundamentally a work tool. Many people use their S Pen to move and edit screenshots or text clippings between applications, so handling is as fluid as possible. Also that there is a lot of storage space: for that reason The internal memory will be 256 or 512 GB. It can be expanded with microSD cards.

As he Galaxy Note 10 as the Note 10+ will have wireless and fast charging via USB-C. The Note 10+ goes one step further, since it will be compatible with a special 45 W adapter (sold separately) that will allow you to obtain A whole day of autonomy with only 30 minutes of connection. Not bad for a mobile with only 7.9 mm thick.

The camera is his secret weapon

samsung galaxy note 10

Once again the camera is one of the strong points. Samsung has long been giving priority to the sensors of its smartphones more sophisticated, and Although they do not have as many megapixels as others, their quality is beyond doubt. Now with Galaxy Note 10 wants to raise the bet.

In addition to the front camera on the island, the Galaxy Note 10 includes three rear sensors. The main one has a resolution of 12 MP and can take photos of great luminosity even at night, while the secondary of 16 MP serves to take very, very open panoramic photos. Finally there is a 12 MP sensor that allows you to perform approaches without digital tricks.

The Galaxy Note 10+ also saves an ace in the sleeve. Together with all these sensors there is one specially designed to capture depth information. This element provides the amazing ability to perform 3D scans directly from your mobile, creating virtual reproductions from real objects. It occupies more space, and therefore can only be integrated into the model of more inches.

Finally, the camera of Galaxy Note 10 can record video with blur using an effect bokeh very interesting. It is complemented with Very high quality sound thanks to the use of several directional microphones. So not only will it succeed in concerts, but it can even function as a camera for YouTubers.

An old dog that keeps learning tricks: new S Pen

Last but not least, Samsung has renewed the Galaxy Note 10 with an even better S Pen. Just what fans of a mobile phone expected He has earned his reputation precisely thanks to his digital pen.

The Galaxy Note 10 allows you to use the pen not only to take annotations, crop screenshots or copy and paste objects between applications, but you can use the top button to shoot the camera remotely as if it were a remote control, pause a video in playback or function as a control for presentations.

All these functions were already present and are now complemented by the possibility of recognizing gestures made in the air, taking advantage of a Bluetooth LE connection with the pen itself.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10: price and availability in Spain. Already in presale at El Corte Inglés

samsung galaxy note 10

The Galaxy Note 10 will be available on August 23. There will be different versions depending on screen size and available memory, which means a wide range of prices. Already available in presale at El Corte Inglés, their rates are as follows:

To these three initial versions will have to add the corresponding 5G variants, which should arrive later in Spain.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 256 GB

samsung galaxy note 10

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 256 GB

samsung galaxy note + 10 256 gb

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 512 GB

samsung galaxy note 10+ 512gb

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