[Review] Samsung Galaxy A3

by Kelvin
[Review] Samsung Galaxy A3

[Review] Samsung Galaxy A3 15

Again Samsung is the protagonist in a review of paperweight and it was last month when we attended the launch of the Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5, mid-range devices aimed at a young audience. We were able to tell you our first impressions of both devices, however, today we will analyze the smallest: Samsung Galaxy A3, a device that has a screen of 4.5 inches qHD, processor quad core at 1.2 GHz, 1 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal storage (expandable by microSD), 4G LTE connectivity and Android KitKat as operating system. However, as it is a device aimed at a young audience, the cameras of eight and five megapixels they take a relevant role, highlighting the mode "Wide selfie", which will allow us to take panoramic self-portraits.

Without a doubt, a very interesting device and that we will proceed to review below, but without first thanking Samsung Chile for lending us the device and making this possible review.


Let's get started!


Dimensions130.1 x 65.5 x 6.9 mm
Weight110.3 grams
screen4.5 inches, Super AMOLED 540 × 960 pixels
SpeakersYes monaural
Memory16 GB, expandable with MicroSD up to 64 GB
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 410 Quad-core 1.2 GHz
Drums1,900 mAh not removable.
Mobile Network2G / 3G / 4G
WifiWi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n
Bluetooth4.0, A2DP, EDR, LE
NFCDo not
OSAndroid 4.4.4 KitKat
PC connectionMicroUSB
Rear camera8 MP (3264 х 2448 pixels) with autofocus and LED flash
VideoFull HD at 30 fps
Frontal camera5 MP (2576 x 1932)
  • Accelerometer, compass, proximity, light and direction sensors.
  • Ultra Energy Saving Mode
  • Dedicated microphone for noise cancellation.
  • Miracast
  • FM Radio.
  • "Wide selfie" mode.

Box contents

[Review] Samsung Galaxy A3 16


[Review] Samsung Galaxy A3 17Without a doubt, this is the most remarkable aspect of the device. Despite being a continuous design and we have already seen in other devices of the South Korean manufacturer, we must frame the robustness and security holding it, thanks to its edges metallic and body unibody. It is quite a device compact and lightweight, so transporting it will not be a problem, in fact, several times I was scared on the street when I didn't feel the phone in my pocket.

[Review] Samsung Galaxy A3 18We go to the specific things, in the front we will find the 4.5 inch screen qHD, accompanied by the classic Samsung physical keypad and the front camera of 5 megapixels, meanwhile, in the back are located the camera of 8 megapixels with its LED flash and speaker monaural. Important to mention that do not we can remove the cover of the device and therefore, the battery of 1900 mAh It is not removable.

[Review] Samsung Galaxy A3 19If we go to the edges, the button power it will be on the right side, next to the slots for nanoSIM Y micro SD, while the volume buttons will be, alone, on the left side. It's funny but The 3.5mm Jack is located on the bottom edge of the device, accompanying the MicroUSB port and microphone for calls.

[Review] Samsung Galaxy A3 20Finally, at the top edge we will find a microphone for noise cancellation, accompanied by a tiny sticker which refers to the processor Qualcomm that the device carries.


[Review] Samsung Galaxy A3 214.5-inch Super AMOLED with qHD resolution (540 × 960), delivering a density of 245 pixels per inch (dpi). I think it's normal for us to get a little cold when talking about resolutions lower than HD, but let me tell you that the screen looks so good, that in One moment I said Wow! It looks like HD. In this aspect I am Surprised With the results, the colors look vivid, the response of the panel is very good, it is difficult to appreciate the pixels on the screen, in short, the screen of this device does not disappoint, but the only criticism is that it suffers a lot when exposed to light ambient, even with maximum brightness.


[Review] Samsung Galaxy A3 22The camera of our protagonist is made up of sensors, main and frontal, of eight and five megapixels respectively. The results obtained are quite good: the shutter time is short, the autofocus works correctly, the level of detail captured by the camera is very complete, in short, you will not be disappointed with the camera that includes the A3.

cam 6

Regarding the camera application, it is the typical one that all South Korean phones include, but it mainly highlights the mode "Wide selfie", where we can capture photographs panoramic with the front camera, therefore, we will have selfies wider, allowing more people to be captured in the box. Samsung promises with this, to eliminate the popular monopods (cane for selfies), quite ambitious goal if we consider the true fashion that the “selfies” have unleashed.

My experience with this photo mode has been something disparate, sometimes very positive and sometimes negative. I can not deny that the front camera is of very good quality, even in low light conditions, but the mode wide selfie, by joining three photographs to create a panorama, you can present problems when there is a lot of movement in the picture, causing the final photo to see images blurred or inconsistent.

The vital thing for the photograph to be correct, is to be patient and be as still as possible while the shutter occurs, whose duration and processing does not exceed the minute.

Untitled drawing (2)

At the beginning it is difficult to get used to it, but as you use the function, you dominate it and take better photographs, although in the opinion of the writer, selfies They are not planned, they are spontaneous and at that moment we decided to take one with friends or family, many of these functions are forgotten, because we only care to take the photo as soon as possible.

In practice, I believe that few will give real use to this function, becoming a anecdote or something to show off with friends.

After all, we have powerful cameras in this A3, and I'm sure you won't be disappointed. As a fact, it also has a “beauty"Which will allow us slimming our face, removing acne and enlarging the eyes.

Here are photos and videos that I captured with the device:

Macro [Review] Samsung Galaxy A3 23

Sunny day

Low light

[Review] Samsung Galaxy A3 24


night without flash

Normal selfie

normal selfie


[Review] Samsung Galaxy A3 25

Front camera video


[Review] Samsung Galaxy A3 26Android 4.4.4 KitKat, which will soon be updated to 5.0 Lollipop. If we talk about Samsung, yes or yes, TouchWiz comes to mind and it is that the South Korean interface has gained followers and detractors worldwide.

TouchWiz 1

The version of TouchWiz that we found in the Galaxy A3 is the same that we appreciate in S5, where the presence of flat colors and more than acceptable performance.By way of spoiler, I tell you that TouchWiz behaved correctly while using the device, however, I will talk deeply about the performance in the section “benchmarking".

A criticism of Samsung was the space occupied by its own applications, such as S Voice, Samsung Hub, etc. South Koreans listened, and now these applications are not preinstalled on the computer, but we can download them separately through its app store.


Benchs A3

On the performance of the A3, I can say that it is quite a team balanced. We cannot compare its performance with that of a top of the range, but it is quite acceptable for its category. The only thing I can complain about, is about RAM: when we open several applications and start making changes between them, the phone starts slow downeven the launcher it closes, having to wait a while to enter the box Of applications.

Regarding the performance in games, I had no problems of freezing or lags, I tried Real Racing 3, Carmageddon, Critical Strike Portable and Angry Birds Star Wars 2, in none of them was my game experience damaged.

Fanatic benchmarks? Well then I leave the scores thrown by him Galaxy A3, compared to its competition:

Team / SOAntutu3D Mark
Samsung Galaxy A3 – KitKat 4.420,3962,642
Samsung Galaxy A5 – KitKat 4.421,2432642
Sony Xperia C3 Selfie Pro – KitKat 4.417,3344,641
Moto G 2nd generation -KitKat 4.418,2492,838
Apple iPhone 5c – iOS 7.03,316


Untitled drawing (3)

Let's start with the music and that is that the native Samsung player is replaced by Google Play Music, which in addition to allowing us to listen to the device's audios, we can subscribe to the service All access With thousands of songs to listen to.

Important to highlight the presence of FM Radio on the device, something that is appreciated in times where this function is in Danger of extinction.

To this, we can add compatibility with Miracast, allowing to transmit the screen of our cell phone to a dongle HDMI or TV that supports such technology.

gal. one

According to the Gallery, is the same as other Samsung devices, so there is no big news about it. What I found interesting is a function for create GIFs from our photos. This can be useful in a burst of photos, or to make a "before / after" comparison.

[Review] Samsung Galaxy A3 27


Untitled drawing (4)

The battery of Galaxy A3 has a capacity of 1,900 mAh, figure that, when listening to it loose, leaves us quite cold, but beware, appearances are deceiving. I must say that the battery life is good, not to shoot rockets, but acceptable. To give you an idea:

My day starts at about 8.00 am, and on the way from my house to the university (approx. One hour), I listen to music. Once in class, I take notes with Evernote, I capture photos of some texts, I look for information by internet and I answer the occasional message of WhatsApp or Telegram. During the breaks, I take photos and share them in Instagram or Snapchat, I review Feedly and other social networks. At all times I am connected to the network 3G CTC Cellular Movistar, Always with full signal.

With this use, the battery lasts between twelve to thirteen hours, with three to four hours of active screen, a good performance considering the size of the battery. If you are to give it a use heavy to the cell phone, consider walking with the charger or a portable battery, but if you are a normal user, you will reach the end of your day without problems.

bat. 4

Important to highlight the ultra power saving mode Samsung provides us, which we will limit system performance and functionalities, in order to increase battery life in extreme cases.To give you an idea, a one% in ultra savings mode, it gave me almost two hours More autonomy


[Review] Samsung Galaxy A3 28

We have reached the final part of review and it is here that we draw our conclusions to answer that question so common in the world of smartphones worth it?

Samsung Galaxy A3 is a very device Elegant, there is no doubt with that, it looks pretty premium, solid and even, does not seem to be mid-range. The South Koreans did well to discard the plastic constructions to privilege the metal, silencing thousands of voices that, shouting, called for a more careful design for mobile phones.

The screen, despite not being the best in the world, looks very well, the viewing angles are good as is your tactile response, but it falls a bit with sun exposure. Despite the latter against, I'm sure the screen you will not be disappointed and you will be happy with her.

Android KitKat along with TouchWiz run very well on the device, the Snapdragon 410 does an excellent job, however, if we do a lot of multitasking and run heavy applications (like games) the gigabyte of RAM is falling short, Interrupting the lucidity of Galaxy A3.

The section photographic It is another high point in this device. The photos with both sensors are of very good quality, the recordings also and the functions integrated by Samsung as the mode Beauty or Wide selfie, are complements that do distinguish of other cell phones, however, although they are the hallmarks of the terminal, they are stored in a drawer waiting for someone to remember their stocks and want to use them, because the vulgar and wild user is interested in capturing the photograph in just instant and not You want to put together a whole paraphernalia to “capture the moment”.

It is a highly recommended phone for those looking for elegance and powerful camera on a cell phone. It is true that there are other similar or better options for less price, but it is difficult for less than CLP $ 200,000, find a metal construction team.

After all, I think the purchase decision goes around Is metal on a smartphone important to you? If the answer is positive, the Galaxy A3 is an excellent option to consider.


  • Cameras
  • Screen.
  • Metallic design.


  • Price (in addition, it will not be available through plans with operators)
  • RAM (the gigabyte seems to be insufficient sometimes).