REVIEW: Smart TV Britânia 4K, an excellent Brazilian option

by Kelvin
Tv britânia com aplicativos

Smart TV Britânia comes with a good quality screen and an easy-to-handle operating system, making it a good option in the Brazilian market

When thinking about home appliances, the british is one of the first brands that come to the minds of many Brazilians. And to expand its market share, the company launched a series of televisions. Today we are going to talk about British Smart TV 55-inch screen with 4K resolution and access to top desktop apps. streaming, making it an almost perfect entertainment station.

Installation and control

The installation of British Smart TV it’s easy and extremely intuitive. Upon opening the box, it is possible to see the components used for its assembly, such as the two feet, the power cord and the control. The TV comes well protected by a pair of Styrofoam and wrapped in a plastic bag that helps to remove the device. Each foot comes with a specific indication, A or B, which is also easily located at the back where the feet are to be installed. Nothing too difficult, as all you have to do is use a common Philips screwdriver and install the screws that come together. Once that’s done, it’s time to use the remote and turn on the TV.


The control has buttons for all possible functions. At the bottom it has shortcuts to 4 services of streaming: Netflix, YouTube, GloboPlay and PrimeVideo. As I was already used to smaller controls and fewer functions, it took me a while to get used to.

One of the first things that the British Smart TV all it did was ask for the internet password and do an update. After that, it was time to install the open television channels. Once that’s done, it’s ready! Just start using.


One of the things that caught my attention the most about the British Smart TV was its construction. Its feet, despite being made of plastic, are quite resistant, and the back is mounted with an iron plate. Another thing is that despite having the very thin edge, leaving the perspective of infinity edge.

The only thing about his body that I didn’t like was the location of the cable entry. They are located practically in the center of the television. The TV used for testing was a 55-inch TV, and if you don’t have the space to reach the inputs, installing an HDMI cable, for example, can get a bit tricky.


I’ll share my experience with the screen of British Smart TV in two parts: one with apps from streaming and open TV, and the other with games, respectively. For everyday programs such as TV news, TV series and football games, everything works spectacularly. Just make the desired color selection and you’re done. It brings an ultra definition image with superb quality. The same goes for apps like Netflix, and here’s a warning: it’s not possible to access the selection menu from inside the app.

For my TV test, I selected the show Unbelievable to marathon in Netflix, but for the first few minutes I felt that the colors used on open TV weren’t cool, so I tried to change the picture mode. However, we don’t have access to the menu that makes this selection, so I had to exit the Netflix, change and return to the series. I repeated this a few times until it felt good. I honestly do not know the reasons why this option was not available while using the applications.

Now I’m going to comment on my experience with the video game. I tested so much one PlayStation 5 how much one Xbox Series X at British Smart TV and in both Now I will comment on my experience with the video game. I tested so much one PlayStation 5 how much one Xbox Series X at British Smart TV and in both cases I needed to adjust the contrast, brightness and especially the backlight. In some games everything was extremely colorful, like Legend of Mana, and everything was too dark, as in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. In Pro Evolution Soccer I had no problem.

In short, at times I had to keep tweaking to get the best color feel on TV. Personally I don’t care, but it’s always good to be aware of these things. If you don’t want to use the factory settings, you can choose between soccer, pattern, video and the one of user. The Britânia TV screen brings with it technology D-LED, which allows the screen LEDs to be dimmed or turned off, which saves on the electricity bill.


One of the things I liked the most about British Smart TV was the system of surround sound, gives Dolby. You can choose whether to leave it on or not, and also select a system called DTS TruSurround. I tested this system listening to the same music, Holy Wars from Megadeth three times, and I felt a noticeable improvement when TruSurround was enabled. Overall, any of the three options do their job well, especially if you’re using it in a closed room.

If you like to listen to music at a very high volume, it is recommended to use some other specific device, such as a sound bar or one home theater. In addition, you can also choose 5 different sound patterns: factory, soccer, song, video and user. Each one of them changes the sound focus, and is recommended for each of the situations described by it.


As stated above, Smart TV british brings in its control a shortcut to four services of streaming. Among them, the only one that had a small problem was the GloboPlay. The version available on television does not have access to online channels, therefore there is no way to access Premiere, a service from Globe to watch live football, for example.

I tried everything to update the app, I even called support at british, and I was informed that for the time being there will be no access to the resource of the GloboPlay. Here is the recommendation, as I am a football fan and subscriber to the service.

In addition, there are a number of other apps available, such as radio online, to listen to radios from all over the world, the state, to access news, the Deezer to listen to music, social networks Facebook and Twitter, among many others. Unfortunately we don’t have the Spotify in the list of apps and we also hope it arrives soon.

Operational system

Navigate through the menus of the British Smart TV it’s pretty easy. The system used by her is a version of Linux, developed by british in partnership with the Netflix. When you press the home button on the remote, a panel will pop up and show all available apps, so just browse through the options and select the one you want. Also, a quick menu of the Netflix is also available, either to choose among users or to select between a movie or series that is on the rise.

At the top there are three menus: the setup, the video input selector and the Q.Menu. The latter has options to turn the Closed Caption (subtitles for the hearing impaired), the audio selector (original and dubbed, when available), the screen mode (whether it is with the aspect ratio 4:3, or 16:9, among others), the mode sleep (which programs the automatic turning off of the TV) and the Sound and Picture mode. Finally, at the bottom of the menu, there is the option to use a storage system, either an external hard drive or a pendrive. The TV can play media in various video formats, MP3 music and images.

Connectivity and functions

THE British Smart TV it has 4 HDMI connectors and the signal of all of them can be expanded by the television. Its use can be changed at the user’s discretion. In addition, there are two USB ports, which can be used to install a pendrive or an external hard drive.

During my test, I put in a pendrive with 8GB of space, which gave me a little over 3 hours of recording. When using it on an open TV channel, the image was absolutely perfect, almost as if I was watching the channel live. Activating the feature is very easy, just press a single button on the control, without any configuration having to be done.

Another thing that Smart TV british has is the ability to connect with the cell phone. When testing with my Galaxy S9 Plus, it worked perfectly well, without any kind of delay, another positive point of the TV. This was also the suggestion I received from the support of the british, in case you wanted to watch the Premiere games on television.


THE British Smart TV, despite being new to the television market, entered the dispute with other brands strongly. With an operating system that is very simple to use, in addition to being relatively intuitive, it will not bring headaches for those who are not used to smart TVs. The control, despite not being of high quality and not coming with batteries from the factory, has all the functions well signposted and are easy to be noticed.

Thanks to access to services of streaming like Netflix, Prime Video and others, it will be an excellent source of entertainment. I just leave the caveat regarding GloboPlay and the lack of live channels. For games it needs tweaking, varying from game to game, but nothing that causes a lot of headaches. Overall, I highly recommend Smart TV Britânia to anyone who is thinking of purchasing a new TV, and know that it will satisfy all your demands.

THE British Smart TV is available on Magazine Luiza in up to 10 installments of R$ 349.90.

Technical specifications

British Smart TV

Panel TypeGO
Resources smart
Frequency 60Hz
Operational system Linux
Connectivity Wifi
connections Stereo video and audio input (RCA) through adapter
3 HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI input (ARC)², total of 4 HDMI inputs
RF input for open TV (Digital and Analog) and cable TV
1 USB 2.0 input and 1 USB 3.0 input: play movies, music and photos
1 S/PDIF out Optical input
1 Ethernet input
Processor Quad Core
Remote ControlRemote Control with Netflix, Globoplay, Youtube and Prime Video button
game mode8.0 ms
Resolution(Pixels) 3840 x 2160
screen format 16:9
angle of view178°(H) x 178°(V)
Shine 280 cd/m²
Image Resources– Reception in ATV, DTV and CATV
– Integrated digital converter
– Preset sound and picture equalizers
– Color temperature adjustments
– Automatic volume leveler
– SDR to HDR: fix image for better performance
zoom Yes
color systemPAL-M, PAL-N, NTSC
Speaker Power10Wrms x 2
Sound systemDolby Audio
Mute Yes
Pre-installed appsGlobo Play; Youtube; Media Cast
Closed caption Yes
sleep timerYes
channel blockingYes
EnergyBivolt voltage
base colorblack
border color black
drilling pattern Vesa
Approximate weightOf the product 14.2kg
Of the product with the packaging 17.8kg
Product dimensionsWidth 122.6cm
Height – With base: 75.3cm
Without base: 70.6cm
Depth – With base: 24cm
Without base: 9cm
Dimensions of the product with packagingWidth 136.3cm
Height 87cm
Depth 17.9cm
PriceAvailable at Magazine Luiza for R$ 3,500.00 in up to 10 interest-free installments.

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